Toes froze Halloween, tattoos, talking Christmas and much more.


Happy Tuesday . It is about 9 AM right now as I start writing this. I have so much to do this week – including moving our old couch to the back porch, so someone can come haul it away this week – and the carpet cleaner guy can come in to clean the rug in the living room. I am totally looking forward to decorating for Christmas this week / weekend, but first – need the carpet deep cleaned and the new sofas in. I haven’t picked any out yet, but that too – will be done this week. It’s a process! There’s also the headache of picking out a new Christmas tree, bringing that home – and setting it up. All of my Christmas items will be out this week, as well as ornaments, and such. I love this time of year, but what I love even more – is sitting in my living room with all the lights off – and just the Christmas lights on when it’s all done. ๐Ÿ™‚ THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE LOVES!

BY THE WAY – for those waiting for early Christmas music on the radio for the entire season, 93.9 (the Lite) – they are switching on the CHRISTMAS MUSIC tomorrow at 4 PM! They usually pretend SANTA is in the studio to “flip the switch”, so you might want to sit your kids down, go to the 93.9 (the lite) website, and click “Listen live” – around 3:45 PM or so. TOMORROW – 4 PM – all Christmas music, all the time !!!! I am so very excited, but I know this is something my mom has been waiting for as well, so you know I had to tell her. Ha….. and now, I’m sharing it with all of you. Enjoy! I know I WILL.

I had to giggle because on November 1st, I was in my car listening to 1003. (SHE) – and the DJ at that moment “J”, played a Christmas song at 4:30 PM. I thought he was just being funny because

but, the next DJ said something about hoping “J” didn’t get in trouble too bad. They made it sound funny because this DJ “J” – had his wife and his boss calling in telling him it’s way too early to play Christmas music, asking what the heck he was doing, telling him to stop – and when he told his boss, “you should see all the people calling and texting in loving it”, his boss yells, “I CAN’T SEE! YOU LOCKED THE STUDIO DOOR!”. Lmfao. Four straight hours that day – I listened to all Christmas music this DJ was playing. If he really did get in trouble for it, such a shame because it put me – and many other listeners in great mood. I can’t wait for tomorrow when 93.9 plays Christmas music every day – all day. I always look forward to when the switch on the “HOLIDAY LITE”, as they call it. That being said, many stores are starting to decorate as well. Many cities are preparing for their holiday tree lighting fests, Black Friday events and more. Let the 2019 Holiday season begin…โ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s back track for a moment… and talk about Halloween. Ugh!

If you live in Chicago or the suburbs, and battled the snow to take your kids Trick-Or-Treating, YOU’RE AWESOME! Trust me when I say – I totally mean that!!!!

As a parent myself of two younger kids who are still TRICK-OR-TREATING ages (11 and 2) – I was so excited to take them out Trick-Or-Treating – UNTIL – I saw the weather. It was snowing that morning and afternoon. The wind was blowing for a bit and it was freezing outside. No! I did not want to take them out after I saw that. I did NOT want to leave the nice warm house or get out from under my nice warm blankets… but I DID! A few parents around my neighborhood did. Not many though. Listen, if you’re a parent and you decided just to go to the store and grab your kids a huge bag of candy, and stay warm indoors – I totally understand. I was about to do the same dang thing. LOL! For those who bundled themselves and their kids up with layers over their costumes and braved the cold in snow boots, or hats and gloves (all 3), GOD BLESS !!!! I was out there with you! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, as you know – it was pretty cold out there on Halloween. I took this photo as we walked out of the house.

I’ve read that we haven’t had snow on Halloween since 1988. I was only 6 back then. I’m not sure if my parents’ took me TRICK-OR-TREATING in the snow that year or not, but I was NOT going to keep my kids in the house just because of a little winter weather and snow. My little guy was a POWER RANGER, and he made sure people knew what he was as well. He told everyone he came across. lmfao. He flexed his costume muscles, and all. ๐Ÿ™‚

My 11 – year old (KaiLani) was a killer cat. She has a plastic meat cleaver, but because it was so cold outside, she left it in the car – and left her cat ears at home.

We walked out of the house and went to literally – 3 houses, before I felt it was way too cold for the kids, and decided to put them in the car and take them to my brother’s house. He said his wife had baggies for the kids with candy in it. They’re the parents who just brought candy for my nephew and stayed home. I don’t blame them! After seeing them, we left there and I decided (what the heck)? We went to the suburbs where they usually give the GOOD CANDY, and I let my kids TRICK-OR-TREAT there. There was NO KIDS out at ALL – and my kids only had to go two blocks before their buckets were already filled. It was nice. We were only out there for less than 30 minutes and they got all the candy they needed. Many suburbs canceled Halloween until Saturday. We live in Chicago – where if it’s for something FREE – we’re not canceling ANYTHING. LMAO! There were a few kids out in Chicago, but NOBODY in the suburbs. Halloween WAS good this year. We froze our toes, but it was good.

I also haven’t been to a HAUNTED HOUSE in years. Not since the last time I went with my brother and had a bad experience. I hate clowns. I’m so scared of clowns, and that year I went with my brother, I had a clown in my face. When I went around him to get away from him, he chased me. I know that’s the whole point of the haunted house, but that experience kind of traumatized me. Pppppffftttโ€ฆ. he’s lucky he didn’t get punched. lmao…. so, going to a Haunted house hasn’t been my thing ever since. Wednesday, I guess you could say I had a date? If you want to call it that. I’m not saying with who or going into details, but there was a man who asked me to go with him, and I didn’t mind. I was scared, and my mouth told him, “I’d love that. I think it would be fun. I know you love them, and you haven’t been there in years – so even if I had a bad experience – I’d love to go with you”. My mind was more like, “A HAUNTED HOUSE, COOKIE?! REALLY? What did you just agree to?”. ha….

I had fun and I’m happy I went though. I had such a good time. He went in front of me, held my hands and peeped around the corners so whatever was about to jump out – got him instead of me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still had a few good scares because some of those people skipped him and scared the heck out of me, but it was still a lot of fun. We went to (BASEMENT OF THE DEAD) in Aurora, IL. I totally recommend it! Each night, they had THEME NIGHT. The night we went, it was HELL night. It gave you the impression you were really in HELL – and it was NOT a good site. My first thought was, “I’m going to be so good when I get out of here – so when I die – I go to Heaven because if this is what HELL is like – No, thanks!”. lmfao. I was also followed by a guy dressed as the Devil – as he yelled, “Ppppprrraaayyyy to me”, and got in my face. He followed me for a few feet before turning and finding his next victim to scare. ๐Ÿ™‚ I jumped sky high when some chick ran up on me from no where and started screaming, “COME PLAY WITH ME”, like a Psycho – over and over again. I did have to giggle when there was a moving NUN hanging from the ceiling, and we didn’t know if it was a prop – or a real person hanging up there. The guy behind me told the nun to come down if she’s real. His friend says, “DON’T CHALLNEGE IT!”. I was so happy when I saw the EXIT sign after many twists and turns and minutes of being in there. My next though, “I actually made it!”.

I was wrong!

That wasn’t the exit for the haunted house. It was just an exit sign that happened to be there – because the haunted house kept going and going. More twists, turns and scares. When we DID finally make it outside again – the date asked if I had fun. I did. I actually did. ๐Ÿ™‚ I told him I was happy I made it through – and I thought we were going to the car and that was it. Nope! We were guided to another small building with another line – and handed 3D glasses and a small flashlight. Everyone got those. I was confused, but I guess you get two haunted houses for the price of one. This one – was almost like a scary clown fun maze – in 3D! If you could only see my face and read my thoughts seeing all these clowns and the darkness inside… LMAO.

At one point, with the glasses on, they had this wall – that I know I seen a clown through – where it looked like clear glass. When we turned the corner, she was gone. There was nobody there, and it didn’t look like there was anywhere she could hide from us. I told Mr. “date” too – “there’s a clown behind that wall”. I’m pretty sure she heard me and that’s why she ran up on me as soon as we past her, and continued to laugh this creepy laugh in my face. She saw I was hesitate to turn that corner, and she used it to her advantage. lmfao. She was good – I’ll give her that. Scared the heck out of me!!!! I would totally return to this haunted house. It was well set up – well ran – professionally fun and spooky, and the actors were amazing. The actors outside who entertain people waiting in line – were a lot of fun as well. They take photos with you, make you laugh, scare you, dance to the music the DJ plays – and the DJ – he was fantastic! I got his information if anyone needs it for a birthday party, wedding, etc. Maybe your own Halloween party? Lemme know….. I’ll share it with you! He does NOT dress in costume unless it’s requested – as his card says. I ALSO giggled when some guy asked a clown how much the BASEMENT OF THE DEAD hoodies were, and the clown says, “If ya gotta ask – ya can’t afford it!”. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe this guy got me over my fear of Haunted houses – MAYBE!!! I don’t know fully yet. lol….

It was fun!

Let me share a few more photos from Halloween 2019.

That 2nd photo – is my oldest daughter, Tiffanie. She lives in Minnesota with her girlfriend, currently. I asked her if she was going TRICK-OR-TREATING, and she made me laugh when she told me, “Of course. Free Candy, duh!”. My brother asked her the same question, and she told him “Yes! I want free candy”. We’ve been wanting her to move back to Chicago. She loves Minnesota, but she’s having a hard time out there now – and she knows my door is always open if she wants to come back. My brother that night – joked that since my oldest daughter loves free candy so much, and we know she’s struggling in Minnesota, we should rent a big White van, spray paint (FREE CANDY) on the side, have her come to the van, and we’ll kidnap her and bring her back. lmfao.

Yes! Halloween was nice. My oldest son hung out with his friends. He didn’t do much this year, and he didn’t dress up.

So now that Halloween is over, we get into the holiday season – as I try to get my living room in order, and get the tree up – as well as begin to figure out where to start Christmas shopping. Oh man!

Let me share a funny story about my car – HECTOR!

I got Hector a few weeks ago as many of you know. I get goofy and name my cars. I giggled when a friendly of mine told me that cars are GIRLS, not BOYS! ๐Ÿ™‚ I told her, “Not this car! This one is a boy. The last two cars I considered girls and gave girl names to – I got into accidents with. Some idiots hit my cars”, so this one is a BOY! Hector to be exact – as I said. lmao…. the night I got Hector, I took him (and my kids) – for a ride through the country because that’s one thing I LOVE to do. We got snacks, loaded Hector up, and went for a long drive. That night, I heard a weird gurgling noise in the dashboard area, but I didn’t really pay attention to it. I read somewhere online that it could be the coolants flowing through, and that it’s normal, so I left it alone. I heard it over the next few days as well. The ride through the country was nice. Hector drove smoothly, and my kids enjoyed getting out into the middle of nowhere. We came across a big red abandoned farmhouse, and my son asked me to stop so he could take a picture. I told him I was going to use my phone flashlight to go inside and check out the building. I’m interesting in things like that. I love abandoned houses, buildings, farmhouses – etc. I think they’re pretty cool and always want to know the history behind them, or why they’re abandoned. I love finding out who owned it, where they are now, etc. etc. etc. My son screamed at me that night. lmfao. He yelled, “MOM, NO! If you get dragged in by something, I’m not coming in. I’m taking the car and the kids and taking off! You ever notice that any time white people go check out abandoned places, they end up missing? That’s why Us Hispanics take a picture from far away, and keep it moving!”. LOL! He had me laughing so hard…. I did NOT intend to go check out this farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, especially because it was pitch black and nobody was around, but I gave him a good scare thinking I was.

I STILL think stuff like this looks pretty cool…..

So any way – the drive in the country was nice the night I got Hector. He was great.

Then – the following Thursday happened! I was pulling out of a parking lot, carefully went over three lanes to the left to make a left-hand turn, and as soon as I did, I noticed a cop following me over all three lanes. Let’s talk about that first, and I’ll get back to Hector being a bad boy! ha….

As soon as I saw that cop following me over all 3 lanes to the left, I already knew I was probably about to get stopped. For what – I had NO idea because I didn’t think I did anything wrong. I swear, the suburban cops have my picture taped to their dashboards and every time they see me in a new car, they must be like, “Yeah, that’s her. Got to stop her and check it out!”. (totally joking) – lmao….but seriously, it seems like only in the suburbs do I ever get stopped. So – I make my left-hand turn and sure enough, he follows, and there goes his lights. I pull over, and he pulls up behind me. He gets out of the car, looking like this tall, sexy beast. LOL! I’m so silly, I know….. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you can make a cop laugh, you have a chance of getting out of a ticket. I still had no idea what I did wrong, but when he walked over to my car, I already had my license and insurance hanging out the window. He laughed and says, “Oh my! You have everything all ready for me. I see this isn’t your first rodeo”.

That’s exactly what I told him. I sure did – LOL. I told him before I hand him my license and insurance, I want to know why I’m being stopped. By the way, the cop – looked almost like the one in that memes. ๐Ÿ™‚ He was adorable. ha…. any way, he says “You have your phone in your hand. You were texting and driving. There’s a new law out against that and the fines are very high. Cops everywhere are cracking down on that kind of thing. You can’t have your cell in your hand – or any devices – while driving”. All he had to say was that I had my phone in my hand and he thought I was texting and driving. He went into the entire new law rule book! lmao… I told him I was NOT texting and driving, and that I was pulling up the maps for directions to where I had to go. I showed him MAPS pulled up on my phone, and he gave me this look. Kind of like he knew I was proving him wrong, and he didn’t know what to say next. lol – but then he says, “I don’t let people go for having their phones in their hands. I don’t care what it’s being used for. It was in your hands”. I had to think of something fast and get cute. I told him in my cutest voice, “I don’t want a ticket. I have kids and Christmas is coming. I have to spend all my money on gifts”. He laughed! ๐Ÿ™‚ He takes my information (license and insurance) – and says, “let me go check you out real quick. I’ll be right back”.

He comes back quick, hands me my license and insurance, and tells me, “Normally – I don’t give anyone a break, but you said you have kids – and I know this time of year is hard on parents, so I’m going to let you go with a warning. The next cop might not be so nice, so don’t let anyone see you with your phone in your hands behind the wheel again”. I promised him I wouldn’t hold my phone while driving anymore, thanked him -and went on my way.

I swear – that cop had to jinx me, or Hector didn’t like him or something. Hector got jealous I was talking to another man. lmfao…. kidding, kidding – but right after that, Hector started acting up. My beautiful car started giving me problems. I tried to accelerate, but couldn’t. The dashboard warning light came on and it said, “Engine speed reduced”, and the check engine light came on. I was so mad. I just got that car – so I pulled over, shut the car off, waited a few moments, turned it back on – and it was fine. The check engine light was still on, so I drove it to Pep Boys. There’s one Pep boys I always go to, and they know me there, so if anyone could help me or fix the issue – I knew they would. However, when I walked in, it was some guy I had never seen before – behind the counter. I’m guessing he’s new. I told him the issue and what happened, and he ran out to hook up the little machine and pull some codes. He comes back in and tells me it’s the “THROTTLE BODY”. He said they can’t fix that there, and the car had to go back to the dealer.

I know the basics of cars, but WHAT THE HECK IS THE THROTTLE BODY? So, I was pretty irritated it had to go back to the dealer. I took it the same day, let the service Advisor know what was going on, and he says right away, “It’s NOT going to be the Throttle body”. I told him what Pep boys said, and he tells me that PEP BOYS, AUTO ZONE – etc. doesn’t have the $2,500 machines that pin point the true problems. Their little machines just lead dealers or car shops in the right directions with codes. At this dealer, the tech pulled my car in right away to pin point the issue, and they found several more. Now, in all fairness, it IS a USED car. I joked that since I was at the dealer any way, may as well just give me a BRAND NEW car. The service advisor laughed and says, “Yeah, if ONLY it was that easy”. Hey – worth a shot! LOL.

He led me to the waiting area, and when he came back an hour later – he told me the Accel pedal had been changed, and all the codes reset so the acceleration issue, and the check engine light were taken care of under warranty. For some reason, I was sent to another Chevy dealer to have the other issues taken care of. I need a new cable for the battery (or something), because the one I have no is doing damage to the actual battery, but since it’s testing good still – they don’t need to do anything with it. I’m still waiting for the dealer to call me and let me know the cable is in, so I can go back and have that done. The 2nd dealer filled the coolant (which was the reason for the gurgling noise) – and they did some kind of pressure test, and test drove it. I sat in that dealer for literally 4 hours! I was NOT happy….

I had three cups of Hot chocolate as I waited. 2 cups of Coffee (free thankfully). Checked out their hoodies/hats and car things shop – THREE TIMES. I switched waiting rooms twice (there’s two). I checked on my car (which sat outside waiting for approval for 2 hours), I called the approval department myself twice. I read 5 magazines, watched 8 episodes of PAWN STARS (MAY I ADD how much I dislike that show?) – I watched people come in and out of the waiting rooms as they were told their cars were ready, and I sat there for hours doing nothing because my phone also died. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was so bored, and annoyed. When I found out I had to come back for the cable – I was also not happy. I thought they were taking care of everything, but – they said they had to order the cable. I am grateful these problems were caught early before they did more damage – and I was happy that Hector was back to normal. ๐Ÿ™‚ And – that I didn’t have to pay for any repairs. They knew they were wrong giving me that car like that. It runs smooth again, and – I STILL LOVE HECTOR! All is good now, and we’re just waiting on that cable. I also had to laugh because when I first posted this photo of Hector –

A friend of mine joked that I’m always switching cars, or getting new ones – and said that eventually, I’d get tired of Hector, stop taking care of him, give him problems and trade him up. I joked with this friend and told him, “It sounds like you’ve been scorned by a woman, and suddenly, we’re not talking about a car anymore”. He replied, “Yes. Come over. I have wine. I’ll tell you all about it”. That Thursday, when Hector gave me problems and I was sitting at the dealer before my phone died, I told him “Looks like I’m not the one giving Hector problems” – and I explained what was going on. Hector has been good to me though, and I’m happy I picked this car. I do plan to keep him for a long time – that is – until my Elijah is maybe about 8 or 9 – and old enough to ride in a pick up with me. LMAO. I’ve always wanted a pick up truck with a lift kit. ๐Ÿ™‚ One day. One day.

Any way, so – just some updates. Everything is good on my side. Besides the race to getting the tree up, the living room prepared for it, Christmas shopping, and so on – everything is good. God is good. I’m blessed. I don’t have a maid, or a chef, or a assistant yet – lmfao, but life is good. I have my health for the most part. My kids are healthy and happy, and things are well. The teacher’s strike is finally over as many Chicago parents were getting aggravated. The kids are back in school, and I fully supported the strike! I think teachers deserved what they were asking for. Sadly, kids will have to make up 5 out of 11 days lost, but hey – so what?

I honestly don’t think they were asking for much – and they were pretty much advocating for the students as well. I agree with smaller classes and more staff especially! And – having so many un-used classrooms, why not? We can fund so many stupid things, but not pay teachers and educators more, and not hire more staff? I don’t think so! I agreed with the strike and everything it stood for. I am happy it’s over though.

It did affect play-off’s and that upset me. My son’s high school’s Football team was affected, and he played. My daughter’s Volleyball games she was supposed to play in at the high school were canceled, the Halloween party they have every year at my daughter’s school didn’t happen – so it was both good and bad when this strike took place. Either way, I think we’re all just happy it’s over and teachers got a fair contract, and what they asked for.

In other news, my 16 year old decided he wants to make our enclosed back porch HIS NEW ROOM. There are several reasons I don’t feel like that’s a good idea. My brother had me laughing when he says, “Yeah, it’s easier for him to sneak out at night if he’s back there”. LMAO Thankfully – my son is a good kid and has NEVER snuck out of the house. He knows better!!! One of his biggest reasons for wanting to move his room to the enclosed porch – is because he wants his friends over, and he feels like there’s more privacy back there. There’s also 4 huge windows (that I’ve taken sun rise / sun set) photos from many times, and I love watching the sun rises back there. It was supposed to be my little “she space” – for writing my book I’m STILL working on – AND for crafting or whatever I needed to do. My little quiet time space. I was then going to make it a game room. A place with a nice couch, a card table, a T.V. for when teams play (Cubs, Steelers, Bears, Hawks, etc) just a place to play cards, watch games, play board games, hang out – have fun. I didn’t do either, so my son cleaned it out last week and announced he’d like to move his room back there. He even told me where he’d put his bed, dressers, etc. I was against it for certain reasons, and we debated on it. I then agreed to give it a TRIAL RUN! We’ll see. I plan to make his room – mine. The one he has now will become my room, and it has a nice closet space. The room I have now -will become KaiLani and Eli’s room – shared. I plan to get KaiLani a new bed, get Eli a new toddler bed, hook them up with a small T.V. in there, and rearrange everything. There’s a bigger closet in that room, and they have so many clothes – so it will be nice for them. We’re switching everything around and I’ll take BEFORE/AFTER photos. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just can’t wait until it’s all done.

I really have nothing more to talk about today. Don’t forget to listen to 93.9 today as they switch from regular music to the HOLIDAY LITE at 4 PM. ๐Ÿ™‚

Everything else is well. Frankie (the 16 year old), may have a job! We’ll see… he applied today and I’m so excited for him to be getting his first. As my two teenagers get older, I’m not ready for them to be so independent, but I am happy they want to be. My oldest daughter just got a tattoo recently (her first), and I was shocked, so unprepared because it made me realize she’s 19, no longer needs my permission for many things, and she’s growing way too fast. It is a pretty cool tat though. Across her forearm, it says, “Throw me to the wolves, and I’ll return leading the pack”. I think that’s pretty cool and she’s always been a leader, so It fits her. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now my oldest son is arguing with me about wanting a tattoo and me signing for it. No! No! And in case he didn’t hear me – NO! LOL. He doesn’t want anything crazy. He wants a tattoo across his forearm that says, “Family First”, and he showed me the design. It does look nice and my son is a huge family person! He loves his family like crazy, and if someone messes with his family – he’s the first to jump in and let people know they better back down. I’ve talked to some people about this and they’ve told me, “there are worse things your son can do than get a tattoo”, and they’re so right! I just don’t feel like 17 is the time to get a TEEN a tattoo. He wants it for his birthday next year (January 2020). I told him we’ll discuss it in January. I don’t want him getting a tattoo at all, but he is a good kid and he doesn’t give me trouble. He’s helpful, and kind and Okay – maybe there are worse things he could do – but I guess that’s just my take on a tattoo at 17. I know there are teens who do get it with permission, but I’m just not ready to sign for something like that. He always brings up the fact that I signed for his 17 year old sister (when my oldest daughter was 17) – to get her tongue pierced, and he asks me what the difference is between that and signing for a tattoo – and he has a point, but still.

That’s all he wants for his birthday – the tattoo. Lord, help me. I’m not prepared for my kids to get older. He used to want cars, birthday cakes, to be taken to Chuck E. Cheese – and now he’s almost 17 and wants a TATTOO!!!!

You have no idea how much I miss my older kids being little! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Time is going by way too fast….

Any way loves – I need to get out of here. I have to finish laundry, and get some stuff done before starting my night tonight. I love all of you – and so on – so check back often – as I plan to rearrange the entire apartment – decide on getting my son that tattoo or not, and have a really amazing and fun adventure this month hopefully – with my mother as I take her on a little surprise road trip she’s going to love!! Check back for all of that.

You all have a great week – and until next time,

Peace – love – happiness.

Love always,

Carli (Cookie) ๐Ÿ™‚

Update:. Wrote this yesterday and totally forgot to post that there was a new post up. LOL Christmas music is already playing on the radio and I’m loving it. They did a countdown and it was great. My daughter was there and laughed when they acted like Santa was flipping the switch to the holiday music and someone yelled playfully, “Wrong switch Santa”. ๐Ÿ˜ Happy holidays!!!!

Almost Halloween, the fake Christian myth – and talking Keto!

Hey my loves,

Halloween is almost here. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. I have no idea yet what my kids will be for Halloween. I still giggle every time I remember last Halloween when my 16 year old dressed up in a really nice pair of pants, a really nice top and a really nice vest, as he got ready to go to his friends Halloween party.

Me: What are you supposed to be?

The 16 year old: Sexy!


He didn’t want to dress up last year, so he called himself a “Lawyer” after a while. The youngest daughter last year was Harley Quinn, and the youngest son was Miguel from one of my favorite Disney movies (CoCo). This year, we’ve talked about Kailani being a zombie bride and if you ask my toddler what he wants to be, he’ll tell you “Paw Patrol”. ๐Ÿ˜

Can I first say that I’m so tired of hearing that people are “fake Christians” if they celebrate Halloween? Give me a break!!! I consider myself a Christian woman. I believe in a higher power. I believe in Jesus and God, the father. I believe in angels and Heaven and all that. Hearing people calling other people “fake Christians” for celebrating “The day of the Devil”, as some religious nuts call it, is ridiculously insane! Do NOT feel bad if you let your kids celebrate Halloween. May I also add that some of you religious nuts that take your kids to churches that have what’s called “Trunk – or – treat” – instead of taking them Trick-or-treating – IT’S STILL THE SAME THING, ya goofies!!! You’re still sort of celebrating Halloween. YES! Even if it’s held at a church. And, it brings me to the point that if Halloween is such a “Devilish Day”…. Why do churches even allow kids to dress up and why do they pop trunks full of candy???? Why do churches even celebrate it at all????? Why do churches offer a safer way for kids to get candy on that day if that day is so awful????

Surprising alert: You’re still celebrating if you take your kids to the church to get candy! So, it must mean that you’re a fake Christian, too then…. ! Stop it.

Halloween for some – is a cult holiday and can be celebrated in a negative way. It can bring out those who consider themselves witches, or athiests, cult members, Devil worshipers, and so on. Halloween can be celebrated by those who are not very good Christians and don’t believe in God. It can be a day for darkness, witchcraft and evil – but – not all who celebrate Halloween just to have fun, dress as something else and collect candy that day – are part of that dark group of people. For you Christians out there who fully believe in God and love our Lord with all your hearts as I do – don’t let anyone call you a “Fake Christian” because you let your kids celebrate Halloween, or because you celebrate it. It’s ridiculous. I’ve heard the term “Fake Christians” being used so much lately when people talk about Christians celebrating Halloween.

I think if it’s done in a classy and fun way, Halloween can be perfectly harmless to our faith and religious beliefs. We’re not worshiping the Devil on that day or celebrating HIM. We’re not doing voo-doo, casting spells or anything crazy on that day. We’re simply dressing up, having a good time and taking our kids out trick-or-treating – which many Christian families and kids have been doing for decades now. All you religious nuts talking about people being “Fake Christians” if we celebrate Halloween with our kids, sit in your house, close your blinds and mind your business!

I don’t want to sound harsh, but I’m so tired of hearing those two words when Halloween and Christians are used in the same sentence. I am a Christian woman, I celebrate Halloween in a clean and classy way with my kids and I approve this message. LOL! Regardless – God loves us all. I’m sure he’s not erasing our names out of the book of Life because any of us Christians celebrated Halloween.

Now – I will say that if you call yourself a Christian every other day of the year and then go out on Halloween and venture into some santanic rituals, witchcraft and the dark side stuff – THEN – I – myself will say you’re a fake Christian! You can’t practice Witchcraft, devil ssshhhh – or cult crap and still consider yourself a Christian – even if you only do it on Halloween. To the other millions of Christians out there who are classy, clean and only use Halloween to have good clean fun and trick-or-treat with your kids – more power to you. Don’t let anyone call you a fake Christian or make you feel like one. โ˜บ๏ธ

That being said (because it always makes me giggle) – I have no idea what I want to be for Halloween this year. The last few years, I’ve dressed in all Black, drew some kitty whiskers on my face and called myself a “Cat Burglar”. Get it? Ha. I want to do something different this year. Maybe Mortisha from the Adam’s family? Maybe a witch? Not sure if I want to go scary or go sexy? Sassy? I haven’t really went to any stores yet to get any ideas, but we’ll see. I’ve also thought about going as Belle from Beauty and the Beast – so there’s plenty of options available.

I’m liking the idea of Mortisha!

I like her dark sense of humor and always have wanted to be her for Halloween, just never did it. Why not this year? We’ll see….

And the day after – I’ll be decorating for Christmas ๐Ÿ˜. Why not? We all know the day after Halloween – Christmas toy ads start playing on T.V. and Christmas trees go up as radio stations start playing Christmas music. Am I right? Of course I am!

Did I mention it’s 2 AM and I can’t sleep? ๐Ÿฅบ My eyes don’t really want to stay open and I’m so tired, yet – my body has all this energy. I’ve laid down to try to sleep several times now and I keep getting back up. I feel restless. I also have a lot of tension and think I just need a really good massage. ๐Ÿค” Maybe I’ll go get one this week. So, I’ve been to the kitchen a few times for Sweet tea. I’ve had a bowl of cereal. I’ve sat in my living room in the dark looking out the window.

You know what’s funny? Before my car accident on Saturday last week, there was never any parking in front of my house. Now that I don’t have my car – there’s plenty of parking. Yeah – I thought about that as I looked out the window around 1 AM. I’m telling y’all – I can’t sleep!

I’ve walked back and forth plenty of times. Tried reading. Checked on my kids a few times. (They’re asleep). I’ve checked Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat – etc. A few times. I’ve checked the news, listened to the police scanner in my area – still can’t sleep. I’ve even tried listening to wind chimes. I love wind chimes and the sound relaxes me. Can’t sleep! ๐Ÿ™„ I know I’m going to be so tired at 5 AM when the 2 year old wakes up. I should start a pot of coffee now, huh? I was going to actually make some but that would only keep me up longer. I wanna sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด …

I even thought about putting on a movie but I’m too tired to look for one. Yes. I’m tired. Just can’t fall asleep. This is the only thing I think I miss about being in a relationship. ๐Ÿ˜„ When I had a man (Elijah’s dad being my last one) – I’d ask him to massage my back and he would, and I’d fall asleep right away. Besides him being a (not so great) person, he gave awesome back rubs. LMAO

I swear I’m just going on and on about nothing right now because I really have nothing more to say. I’m just tired and bored and can’t sleep.

Do you know that when I went to take pics of my car for the insurance, the tow truck driver asked if I wanted to take it? I looked at him like ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿคจ

Where the “F” am I going to take it with two deployed airbags, a dented in side, a jacked up bent wheel, a hanging bumper and my windshield fluid and oil all over the place? Lmfao. I seriously wanted to get sarcastic playfully and be like, “Yeah, hand me my keys. I’m going to take it for a joyride around the block real quick”. ๐Ÿคฃ I’m sure he meant me calling my own tow truck company and having it towed to a shop or somewhere else but No. The insurance took care of that. I loved that car and I’m sure it’s totaled, so I’ll be checking out other cars on Monday. I must say though that Nissan Sentra’s are some great cars in the event of an accident. I’ve had two Nissan Sentra’s and both saved my life.

Last July, if y’all remember – I was in a bad 3 car accident on the highway when everyone was doing 70 (including me), and some dork Uber driver missed his exit and decided to fly over in front of me and rip off my entire front bumper as he tried to shoot over before he missed the next exit – causing me to try to slam on my breaks before slamming into him as he slammed into the car in front of him. ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿคฆ My entire front end pushed in and my airbag deployed but I was uninjured. Not a scratch. The officer that did the report that time saw my car and was shocked I came out of it without any serious injuries because the Nissan – although it was smashed like crazy in the front – didn’t push all the way in towards me. I once checked out crash dummy tests on YouTube of the Sentra and it does show that in the event of an accident – Nissan’s are very much safe and the person inside is never usually touched or harmed in any way. Truth!!!!

Same thing with this accident Saturday and the guy who T boned this new Sentra I had. The airbags deployed and the side of the car was completely ruined but I remained safe. Some neck and back pain. Some ankle pain from me trying to slam on the brake but nothing major. Nissan didn’t even pay me to say all this, but if you want a safe car for you and the family – Nissan Sentra’s are amazing. I’m beginning to think they’re bad luck for me since I’ve had two accidents (both not my fault BTW) in them, but they have kept me safe. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I’m getting sleepy Enough to fall asleep. Maybe I just needed to write, huh? Work my brain just a bit. Ha. Ya know – they come up with all this robot stuff, but yet – is there a robot yet with two hands that can give back massages? That would be amazing. I’m telling ya – I’d be asleep already.

Oh. Lemme make you giggle. ๐Ÿ˜ So, I had trouble sleeping a few nights ago as well, and I downloaded the ABIDE app, I think it’s called. It’s supposed to be meditation and different prayers and soothing talks and so on. I was closing my eyes and falling asleep to a woman talking about how the app works and as soon as she said, “As soon as you fall asleep, the app turns off”… I freaked out and my eyes shot open. Like Wwwwhhhaattt? Does this app watch me or something??? ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ How does it know when I fall asleep? That’s kind of creepy! Needless to to say, I turned it off myself and fell asleep without it. Besides, ya gotta pay for most of it so that’s a good part of the reason I turned it off. No need to pay for any relaxing to fall asleep when there’s so many things on YouTube to fall asleep to. Many nights, I’ve fallen asleep to the sounds of Frogs and Katydids because I love the country and that’s what you hear out there. Some nights, I’ve fallen asleep with my little guy (Elijah) to Twinkle, Twinkle Little star – because he loves that. Some nights, I’ll fall asleep to wind chimes as I said because I find those peaceful and relaxing. Other nights (like tonight and right now) – I can’t sleep for ssshhhh and end up tired as hell but not being able to knock out to anything.

Someone told me putting Lavender lotion on at night or some lavender candle lit up next to me will help me sleep – so maybe I’ll try that next time. Either way – can’t sleep right now. It’s now 3 AM and I’m still awake. Ugh!

(Continued from the middle of the night)….

So, I ended up falling asleep while writing this. I guess writing is what I need to do if I can’t sleep – and it will obviously help? I don’t know but after writing how I’m still awake at 3 AM, the next thing I knew – it was 6 AM, my 2 year old was opening my bedroom door and waking me up telling me it’s “daytime” and time to get up. I begged him to let me sleep after I got up and got his breakfast and put on cartoons, but he started playing games on his play phone and wanting me to help him. Thus – the reason I’m awake so early now. I barely got any sleep obviously and I’m dead tired.

I’ve had a shower though. Listened to some awesome 90’s music and mixes, currently having a cup of coffee as I write this and trying to watch one of my favorite movies – Deliver us from Eva (with the awesome Gabrielle Union, and the sexy L.L. cool J). Great movie if you’ve never seen it. Check it out!

By the way… Right next to me, is a bunch of toys on the dining room table that Elijah says wanted to have breakfast with us. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The toys he invited to breakfast.

Who am I to argue with a 2 year old at 6 or 7 AM???? I’m too tired….

By the way – in a few days, I will be rejoining the gym (X-sport to be exact). I love Planet fitness but they don’t have as many perks as X. X has a whole smoothie and healthy snack bar. What I really love though that keeps me going back to X – is that I don’t even have to find a sitter if I want to go work out. I can easily drop my kids off in the day care room and what’s even better – is that I don’t have to worry about them or stop working out to go check on them. Almost every machine has a built in T.V. to listen to music, watch T.V. as you work out OR – tune in to the day care channel and see what’s going on live in the day care room. You can see your kids right from the machine screens. I absolutely love that! Many times when my youngest daughter was little (before I had Elijah), I’d drop her off in day care at the gym, work out and listen to music while I watched her and what she was doing. It was awesome! Back then though, daycare was only $1 an hour. Today, it’s $15 or so. I’m not sure if that’s hourly or monthly or what. I haven’t been back to check but I hear they definitely raised their day care prices. I’m not excited about that, but I am excited to be going back to the gym and getting my work outs on again. I’ve slacked because I’ve been working so much but I need to get back into being fit and fab! ๐Ÿ˜˜. That includes eating healthy as well. I’ve tried many times and have fallen off the healthy eating wagon because I have three kids at home, work my butt off and fast food is quick and simple when it’s late and I’m just getting home from work. It’s no good for me. It’s definitely no good for my kids, and if I do cook (which I do often), I don’t exactly cook the healthiest meals. I know. I know….. It’s time to start. I make homemade pizza, pastas, roast beefs and so on. I mean my kids love my cooking, but I need to be more mindful about my cooking choices and how I cook things. It’s time to get healthier y’all. Pray for me because this time, I’m really going to do my best as I take my kids on this journey with me and make sure we all eat healthier, be more active and get our greats on for 2020!

I plan to try the Keto diet. I’ve heard so many great things about it and I actually wrote down a bunch of Keto recipes that I’m super excited to try. I want more fruits and veggies in our diets and I just want us all to eat better and be better. My kids are probably going to hate this journey I’m about to take them on, but it’s for the best.

I plan to go running the track more right here by the school near my house. Get the kids out to walk and play at the park more before the snow gets here, and just enjoy the outdoors a lot more! I plan to work my butt off just enough to pay the rent and bills and then take the rest of the time off to enjoy life and more activities because I realized I’ve been burning myself out working so many hours and late. It’s just time for an entire lifestyle change.

I swear, Everytime I get back into my hustle and work myself like crazy, God has a way of slowing me down and saying “hey.. stop and smell the roses. Don’t forget that!”. Maybe this car accident last Saturday was God’s way of once again – telling me I’m burning myself out doing so much and it’s time to take a break. Oy….. Either way, I need to go back on my diet and figure out what works for me and get back into my work out routine because I miss it and always feel better after a good work out.

Me at the gym:


But once I get going, I don’t like to stop….

I give myself just a few more days to slack and then it’s right back to hitting the gym at least 4 times a week, and planning out my Keto diet I want to try. You’re going to hear a lot of whining up on this blog in the next few months as I give up junk food (I have a sweet tooth), wine (Oh man, I love my wine) ๐Ÿท – and other goodies (except for the holidays because everyone deserves to cheat on their diet for the holidays, right)?… Ha. Ssshhh… Don’t tell Keto! ๐Ÿ˜

Pray for me my loves.


I’m getting out of here. I have laundry to finish, dishes to do, and a teenage son to wake up so he can help me carry our old couch out to the back porch to be picked up this week because I plan to have new couches come in this week.

Love you all lots.

Happy (almost) Halloween.




When the Angel of death knocks at your door, and a few funny stories…

Ever try winning anything on the radio???

Here’s the problem with calling a radio station and winning ANYTHING! Everyone calls in at the same dang time and the lines are usually busy when you’re calling in. Pppfftt. The ones who do get through and win – good for them, but it happens by chance and a small amount of luck. LOL!

A while ago – as I was in the car – I tried calling a radio station on different days. Once, because they were giving away some kind of Jingle Bash tickets or something related to Christmas concerts – and I knew all the answers to the questions they were asking. First call – busy sound. Second call – busy sound. Third call – busy sound. I hung up and didn’t try again … Pretty sure someone already got through and was going to win. Plus, it’s not easy to hit redial while you’re doing 70 on the highway – nor – is it very safe. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜‹

A few days later… In slow traffic this time, I had nothing but time and decided to try winning again. This time, a radio station (I believe it was 104.3) was asking someone to call in to win tickets for something. I had no idea what that something was because I had just turned on the radio, but I knew the answer to their question. You had to call in and tell them what movie the following was from:

Movie line: On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was. It’s October 3rd.

MEAN GIRLS! I knew that right away because it’s one of my favorite movies. ๐Ÿ˜

I quickly dialed the number to the radio station. Busy. Busy. Busy again. Busy again. I kept getting the busy signal. Obviously, there’s faster dialers than me out there. ๐Ÿคฃ It’s okay… I don’t even know what kind of tickets I was about to win any way… I quickly changed the radio station because I didn’t want to hear someone else win something I may have wanted – and I put on country instead. ๐Ÿ˜‹

By the way – Yes! This was actually on October 3rd.

I can’t remember ever calling a radio station and winning anything. I’m not a hater so for those who have, Congrats! I truly mean that. ๐Ÿ˜Š It’s is NOT easy getting through, either. I have gotten through to radio stations a few times and heard that I was not caller number (such and such), and was told to call back – but that’s about it. I did however – go to a car dealer once and entered to win tickets to the B.96 Summer bash many years back and I did win a pair of tickets there. So, for my people who try to call radio stations, I’d say it’s best to go visit the stations wherever they are. Many send their crews to car dealers, super markers, cell phone places – and so on – to give away goodies and tickets there, so always check where your favorite radio people are going to be if you’re trying to win tickets to anything. And, even if you go see them in person and don’t win anything – many radio stations give away freebies in person. Much easier to win in person than trying to get through to a radio station and getting the constant busy signals or being told you’re not caller number such and such. Plus… It’s awesome meeting DJs and people from your favorite stations in person, and taking pictures of and with them. ๐Ÿ˜. Just my thought on how to get free tickets and win in a much easier way. A lot more fun as well.

Any way – moving right along, that was just a quick thought for the day. Ha…. Let me tell you about a hilarious conversation that took place between my 11-year old (KaiLani) – and I last week.

So, she went to a lock in last Friday night at the local church because she recently joined a youth group. She loves it and has made many new friends. Now, when she was in Girl scouts last year, her troop went camping in another city for the weekend and she was nowhere near our house, so she called me every night crying and freaking out. She kept the Girl scouts leaders and the older girls up at night crying and telling them she wanted to come home because she missed me. I felt so bad. She is NOT used to being away from me or any where else overnights . When she joined this youth group and we found out there was going to be a church lock in / sleepover, she really wanted to go. She loves the other girls in her group and begged me to sign her up for it and pay the $10 for the lock in. It went from Friday night to Saturday morning. Only one night – but I was still a bit worried because of her anxiety of being away from me and home overnight. I reminded her what happened when her Girl scouts troop went to camp and she said that was different because it was far away from home. Here, she knows home is literally a few blocks away and I’m in the same city. It made sense, so I signed her up and paid the $10. She was super excited to do this lock-in thing. Now, I figured the $10 I paid, included everything (including snacks), but she comes out of Youth group Wednesday night and tells me that they’re all walking to CVS near – by and that the leaders asked that the youth attending the lock-in bring some money for snacks. ๐Ÿค” So, what does my $10 pay for???????? What do the other parents pay the $10 for?????! What is our money going to if it’s not food and snacks? I wasn’t sure but then – KaiLani and I had the following conversation…..

KaiLani: Just give me $100. That should be enough for snacks.

Me: I am NOT giving you $100. You do NOT need $100 worth of snacks.

KaiLani: So, how much are you going to give me? $50?

Me: No, KaiLani. You don’t need that much. It’s just for one night. Maybe $20. That will be enough to get you a Sandwich, chips, a candy or something sweet, a drink or two and maybe some other things. And – if you have anything left over and one of the kids didn’t bring any money, buy them something as well.

KaiLani: Just $20?

Me: $20 is enough.

KaiLani: But what if I get a lot, swipe the money; and the money gets declined.

This is where I lost it. I started laughing sooooo hard and told her, “I’m giving you cash. NOT my credit card. You don’t swipe cash and it doesn’t get declined. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

I swear – the things that come out of the mouths of kids sometimes. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

So, about the lock in at the church – she had a great time.

I mentioned that when she went to youth group that Wednesday night, she came out telling me she needed money for the snacks, so instead of giving her money… I picked her up from school Friday after her Vollyball practice and took her to the store to get snacks for the lock in. That night, when I dropped her off and checked her in for the lock in, she told the girl at the front desk checking everyone in – that she brought her own snacks. The girl kind of gave her a funny look, smiled and told her, “We’re going to have a lllooottttt of food and snacks here”. ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ This little girl tricked me into buying her snacks! The $10 parents paid for the lock in went towards games and food…. snacks…and other activities. They had more than enough food and snacks there and she did NOT need to bring her own. They ordered pizza, had cookies and candy, donuts and so on. Ah well. She did say that other kids brought their own snacks as well, so I think they were told if they wanted to bring their own snacks, they could but that it was optional and they didn’t have to.

Still – she tricked me into buying her snacks! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ I dropped her off Friday night and she was too much into seeing her new friends than saying Goodbye to me. She kind of just walked off with them. LOL!

I was surprised she didn’t call me at any time during the night to come home. I do think it’s because it was one night and not the entire weekend. I do think it was because she knew home and me were only a few blocks away and not cities away. I think she felt good knowing she was still in the same neighborhood. She knew where she was. She knew she was safe. ๐Ÿ˜Š I was happy she got to experience a church lock in. I’ll be honest. My mother constantly made my brother and I go to church. We grew up going to church and if there were any church activities going on, we were the first kids signed up to attend because my mother made sure we went to those as well. I once went to a church lock in – and I hated it. I couldn’t wait to go back home after it ended. I was happy my friends were there, but I just didn’t want to be there overnight. I was actually happy when my daughter told me how much fun she had when I picked her up early Saturday morning. She came right out, got in the car and told me how tired she was. She said she couldn’t even keep her eyes open. She said she tried to go to sleep but nobody would let her and that they all kind of kept each other awake all night. ๐Ÿคฃ She said she had so much fun – AND SUGAR. She told me about all the pizza and candy, chips and cookies, donuts and so many other things she had over night. I laughed and told her that she was on a sugar high and now – she was crashing and coming down from it, which is also why she’s so tired.

She was telling me all the games they played. All the things they did. How cool it was from face – painting to playing Glow-in-the-dark soccer, watching movies and so much more. ๐Ÿ˜Š I’m just so happy she had a good time and enjoys going to youth group. So the lock in was a success, and she got to experience something new.

Wednesday’s are kind of a headache though, as she has vollyball until 4 … I pick her up… We rush to get homework and dinner done, and then it’s straight to Youth group. I drop her off, work a few more hours and then rush to pick her up by 8:15 from Youth group. It’s all worth it though.

Who the hell wanted to be an adult when they were younger? ๐Ÿ™‹ I did. Now… I’m like “Adult? Screw this. I’m going to go play in the tunnels at Chuck E. Cheese or you can find me in the Bounce House avoiding adult problems”. Hold my shoes !!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Speaking of shoes … I took KaiLani to get s new pair of shoes a few nights ago. KaiLani is usually very picky when it comes to shoes. It drives me crazy. It can easily take her a while to pick out a pair she likes – that also fit her well. She then gets distracted by wanting to try on every pair of high heels she sees – when we’re just at the store for new gym shoes. ๐Ÿ˜’ The gym shoe shopping is a whole other story. I’ll pull out every cute pair and she’ll tell me “No” to each. It usually goes something like this:

Me: What about these?

Her: No.

Me: These?

Her: No.

Me: ohhhh.. These are cute. I like these. What about…..

Her: No.

Me: ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

By that time and the 20th NO – I’m ready to find the liquor store. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Kidding. Kidding. But dang!!!!! It drives me insane how long she takes to pick out shoes. That night tho, was a dream come true. We went into the store and we were out (for once) – in 20 minutes. She was looking through shoes as usual and I happened to see a really nice Black and White pair. I kept saying how nice they were, and tried to pass them up but they kept calling my name and I was tempted to see if they had them in my size. ๐Ÿ˜› They did… But before I could say anything – KaiLani comes over, sees the shoes and comments that she really likes those. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ I prayed so hard that she was serious, would try them on and love them so that we could get out of there in under the usual hour we spend trying to find shoes for her. She found her size, tried them on and loved them. Thank you, GOD!!!!

She then saw me trying on the same shoes in my size. Would you believe shes a whole size larger than me in shoes? ๐Ÿ˜ I remember one of my ex’s used to call me “Lil’ Foot”. Can I just say WHATEVER!?!?! ๐Ÿ˜œ so… I get the same pair of shoes in a different size and this little girl is telling me to get them in White because she doesn’t want to match me. She told me how UNCOOL it is to match her mother. Well – eeeexxxxxxxccuuuussseeeee me kid, but I’m paying for them… I like them and so what? Lmao.

She decided to voice her opinions to the cashier when I paid. The cashier looked at the gym shoes and asked if they were for men or women. I told her they were in the women’s section. The cashier loved them and said she wished she had extra money right then and there to get herself a pair. If I had extra money to play with… I would have gotten that cashier a pair. It’s just a kind thing to do, but I still have to pay some bills. Any way – KaiLani then tells the cashier I got the same pair and how she doesn’t want me to match. How she wants me to get a different color or pair. The cashier and I giggled about how uncool it is for an 11 year old to match her mama. Pppfftttt.

The next morning before she left for school.. I had to snap a photo.

And… These shoes are sssssoooo comfy. Plus – the big bottoms give us a few extra inches in height. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I’m just happy we were in and out so fast and she got shoes she liked faster than she ever has shoe shopping. We match and she’ll get over it. LOL!

Let me also share a cute and funny story with all of you (story related to this photo I took one morning last week):

My brother is going to kill me, but when I saw this mobile home (or whatever they were using it as) – being driven down the road – I automatically smiled and thought about my brother.

So – when he was little (about 4 or 5 maybe), my mother was walking home with him one day and there was a house for sale near where we lived growing up. My mother says, “I wish I had the money to buy that house”. My brother asked her, “but mom… If you buy that house, how would you get it home”.

My Mother loves telling that story and thought it was the cutest thing back then. ๐Ÿ˜ I still joke with him about it now. He usually tells me to shut up. Lmao … But Yes. This made me smile this morning. It’s the little things that make life worth it. Believe that!

Speaking of the “little things” – let me share something else with all of you. It truly is the little things that make life so worth it sometimes. A few weeks ago, I was having a mini melt-down. You know how sometimes – life just throws so much at you, and you try to hold all your emotions inside and stay strong? That’s been me for so many months now. I’ve dealt with everything and anything life can throw at me. A few weeks ago, something happened that just totally blew my mind and had my eyes watering in traffic. For the life of me, I really can’t even remember what it was, so it obviously wasn’t THAT bad – but with that bad day, and everything else I’ve been dealing with – it was one of those days where everything just kind of hits you all at once and every piece of “Strong” you were holding on to – kind of just blows out the window or crumbles in front of you. That was what happened to me. I can only hold so much in for so long and then have to do an emotional release in the form of a good cry. Hey! A good cry is always a great way to feel better. It cleanses the soul – I always say. Nothing wrong with that.

However…on this day, I was stuck in traffic and starting to feel tears building up in my eyes. I didn’t want to cry in traffic where everyone could see me and I was also stopped at a light, so I looked around and did the only thing I could do. I pulled into a Cemetery on the right side of me. Yes! A random cemetery. I drove in a bit around some curves where there were no cars parked and nobody around, and I let it all out. I started to cry. I started to pray. I talked to God. Listen. I believe in my higher power – Don’t hate! ๐Ÿ˜

You know what I find a “coincidence” about that day? I begged God to give me any reason to smile, or to put a smile back on my face. As I finished that prayer…. I looked to my left, and noticed an elderly man sitting on a lawn chair in front of a headstone / grave. He was talking, and laughing. Talking and laughing. Smiling. Wiping tears away from his own eyes. Smiling again. Talking again. He was talking to this grave like there was someone right in front of him. I wondered at that moment, if he was talking to someone special who passed away – like his long time wife?! It was possible. It was also very cute. I wondered how often he did this, and it made me SMILE! It put a smile on my face just like I asked the good Lord to do.

My God is good!!!


I found my reason to smile that day. I found my strength to dry my eyes, take a deep breath and move forward. Sometimes, all you need is a good cry. Or a Pint of Ice cream. That works, too! ๐Ÿคฃ

Life throws all kinds of crap at us and we just have to let out a good scream or cry and find the good in every bad situation. We have to keep our heads up and remember that everything happens for a reason and our lives were written by the Lord well before we were born, and he knows every problem, every good and bad thing that will happen to us and in our lives and for what reason. Even if we don’t know the reason, he does and we’ll learn eventually. God knows all and everything does happen for good reasons. I once heard on the radio that we have to trust his heart even when we don’t understand his hands. What we go through and deal with.

Which brings me to my car accident this past weekend. I have to trust God and the reason (whatever it may be) that it happened, even if I don’t understand it.

I’ll start by saying that this past Friday… I was on my way to pick up my daughter from school before going to the store. She has Vollyball practice on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. I pick her up both days because she has to cross a busy street coming home, there’s been plenty of accidents there and last year, a kid and mother were hit while crossing. I hate that intersection and at 4 PM when she gets out of practices, the crossing guard is already gone. On Friday this past weekend, I was in my car and had just taken some cute selfies. ๐Ÿ˜ I decided to stop and upload one to Facebook since I haven’t in a while and I still had a few minutes before my daughter was out of practice. As I was stopped and uploading this photo, I look up to see that right in that awful and busy intersection by the school – a school bus hit a car and ripped off his entire front bumper.

As I watched cops and the fire department and so on – arrive on scene.. I was so thankful that nobody was seriously injured, there were no kids on the bus, and more so – that it wasn’t ME! Had I not stopped to upload that selfie to Facebook.. it could have been me. The bus missed me by a few seconds. I was extremely thankful I decided to upload that photo at that moment.

And then – Saturday happened. ๐Ÿฅบ I was turning Left into a parking lot and saw the car in front of me turning the opposite way. There was nobody in the next lane so I made my turn. As soon as I’m already turned and ready to enter the parking lot, this guy flies out of nowhere and slams into me. Totally T-boning my car as the two right side airbags deployed. My front bumper was hanging. My car was bad. The car I named (Baby) has been totaled. I got out of the car to confront the driver to see what the hell happened and where he came from because he wasn’t in the lane where I was turning when I checked. Someone told me he saw the car in front of him stopped and flew around him, wasn’t paying attention and hit me.

I got out of the car and stepped down feeling a sharp pain in my ankle. I couldn’t walk. Thankfully, I just twisted it during the accident but it’s fine. A little swollen. Before I could even confront the other driver, a cop was by my side helping me get out of the street and to the curb. Fire men were questioning me about injuries, cops were taking information, and paramedics were at my side rushing me onto a stretcher and into the ambulance. It all happened so fast. I wanted to take pictures of the car for the insurance but didn’t even have a chance to do that before I was taken to the hospital.

From what I heard, the guy doesn’t even speak English. (Wait for what happened next). I tried talking to the guy who hit me and he claimed he didn’t speak English. He said he was Serbian. The cops were told the same. The tow truck driver I talked to Monday – told me when he was towing the cars, that guy was on the phone speaking perfect English, so he’s full of it. ๐Ÿง So, that’s another headache. He was also Polish and NOT Serbian.

When I was talking to my oldest son about Friday and how I just missed possibly being hit by the school bus and then told him about this accident… My son was like, “What if Friday’s accident was meant for you, but since you missed it or it missed you… This Saturday accident happened”.

I made a joke of it and told my son, “If the devil wants to take my life… He’s going to have to fight a little harder because God ain’t ready for me yet and has his team of guardian angels all around me. I’m still here, baby!”.

My 11 year old then creeped me out when she says, “mom, they say you can’t cheat death”. Like she’s kind of telling me maybe I’m SUPPOSED to die in a car accident???? WTH does she mean by that? Ya can’t cheat death. That’s a pretty creepy thing to say. Lmfao. Seriously…. I looked at her like “UM”….. Pretty much – she feels like the accident Friday missed me and it as meant for me, so an accident got me Saturday. I replied with, “Well, the Angel of death can keep trying but I’m a child of God’s and the angel of death can’t get me that easily”. It reminds me of this photo I once saw online and completely believe and LOVE:

My God and his army are truly looking out for me up there. I believe that.

In a seriousness though, my 11-year old had her first Vollyball game that day at the local high school and as I laid on a stretcher in the ambulance – I started to cry. I was balling and sobbing like a little kid. The male paramedic sat by my side and asked if I was okay and where my pain was. I giggled a bit and told him it’s not the pain making me cry. I explained that my daughter had a Volleyball game at noon and that I was planning to run errands, work a bit and go get her at home to go to her first game of the season. The female paramedic sat by me, told me to take a few deep breaths and says, “The good thing about that is that there’s more Vollyball games coming up. There’s not going to be another you if anything happens to her mom. She’s still got you. You’re alive. You came out of a pretty bad wreck just now but you’re alive. You can always get to another game. She can’t get another mom”.

True! Very true!

So, we missed the first game but hopefully we make others. ๐Ÿ˜• I had to giggle when friends were contacting me singing the Glen Learner jingle. Been hurt in a wreck? Need a check? Glen Learner is the lawyer for you. Call 708.222.2222. ๐Ÿ˜ Something like that.

I actually did call today just to see if they can take on the case and got some great advice. Any way, I’m alive and I do thank God. He is good. I always say that. I don’t know why things happen the way they do, but now – I just pray I’m able to get another car this week (again)… Get back on my feet and don’t miss too much work. I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 20 back – and yet – here I am screaming

No matter what is meant to bring you down or who tries… No matter what situations we face or what problems we deal with, or what crazy crap life throws at us, we have to lift our heads … Smile and say, “I trust you, Lord”. I’m doing that right at this moment. I can scream, be mad, yell, fight and argue over this accident and the guy who came flying out of nowhere – but I choose to be calm, patient and let God deal with this. I trust him. I hope things go well this week as I deal with the police reports, DMV crap, tow truck places, car insurance crap and other stuff. Then, comes the process of possibly trying to get another car. I could let this get me down and stress me out, but I think at this point – I feel like “What’s the point?”. I’m alive and God is good. He once again brought me out of danger – safely. Thank you to the Bensenville Police who were quick to get me out of the street and onto the curb. To the Bensenville paramedic who calmed me down and helped me realize I was lucky to be alive and there will be other Vollyball games. To the firemen who were quick to evaluate my injures and pass along information to the medical – Thank you all to the first responders. โค๏ธ

To this man who hit my car and probably wasn’t paying attention – Ggrrrrrr. I am upset but I’m just happy we’re all Okay.

I can’t even begin to think about the nightmare of paperwork and car searching that I’m going to be doing this week. Answering questions, dealing with insurance and so on. I am also in a lot of pain. The usual. Neck, back, ankle. Want to hear something interesting? When they found out I had more pain in my ankle.. the paramedics asked the cops if the (brake airbag) deployed. Um… What????

I’ve never heard of a brake airbag but apparently – it’s a thing now in newer cars I was told. I feel like that’s a little dangerous for the feet…isn’t it? But – no…my car didn’t have that thankfully. I think I just tried braking too hard when I finally saw this guy flying at me but by then – it was too late. I’m used to waking up in the mornings pretty early, grabbing coffee and working and this morning – my back and neck pain – my ankle – was a reminder that my car isn’t sitting in front waiting for me, and that I have a long week ahead of me of pain and healing and paperwork. Phone calls, lawyer calls, etc. Etc. Etc.

Wish me luck y’all. I had to laugh yesterday when I told my brother I was done driving in the city. I said I was going to have a house built for me in the deep country where there’s no cars and traffic at all. The only thing that can hit my car is some hay stacks blowing around from a bit of wind in the fields. I told him I was going to build a wall around my house because I don’t even like people much anymore. (Completely joking). ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฃ My brother is comical. He has something funny to say about almost everything.. so he smirked and says, “well how are you going to eat if there’s nothing around you?”.

Me:. Door dash. I’ll order stuff.

Bro: How are they going to get it into your house? Or to your door if you build a wall around your house?

Me: They can throw it over the wall.


I love my brother tho and thank him for coming to pick me up from the hospital Saturday when I was released. He had me cracking up then too because when he walked in, I asked if he was going to carry me out. He smirked and said he just came in for the free Coffee. The hospital I was in had a big coffee machine with free cappuccino, lattes, coffee.. it was great. I had 3 cups sitting there waiting for him. ๐Ÿ˜ So, we walk over to it so I can refill my cup before leaving and he can get a cup…

This machine took a few seconds to make whatever you wanted, so he stood there getting his coffee and looked around the machine when it didn’t give him his coffee right away. He says, “Is the Wi-Fi not working on this thing?”. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ The machine said (LOADING), but I told him he had to give it a few moments because it was DOWNLOADING! I meant loading and wasn’t thinking but now he likes to go around asking people with a shocked look on his face – “DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD COFFEE?”. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ


And then I have to tell people what happened and why he’s asking that but it’s pretty funny and there’s always something funny or another new story to share whenever my brother and I get together for any reason. Kid is too funny. I also thank my sister in law Nicole who missed a friend’s child’s birthday bash after the accident. I felt bad about that, but I was happy to be leaving the hospital.

Life is nuts. Just when you think you’re about to rise to the top… It takes you down and says, “haha. Fooled you”. Another thing thrown at me I have to be strong enough to have and deal with now this week.

Thank God I’m still alive though, right?

My oldest daughter in Minnesota found out about the accident, and after hearing I was okay, she joked how I was going to give her a Heart attack one day. Her girlfriend said she was freaking out and going crazy thinking my car hit a tree or flipped…or that I was in a coma or worse. Thankfully, it was NOT even close to that. She was ready to find a way to Chicago, and I adore her for that. โค๏ธ

Do I want to scream and yell over this accident? I do.

Do I want to cry, and wonder WTF I’m going to do now? I do.

Is it worth it? Nope. Won’t change what needs to be done.

It’s going to be a long week as I deal with all of this now. So, all of you have a great one and I’m out of here until next time.


Thank you to all of you who messaged me, checked on me, made sure I was okay and called. I love you all and I’m truly blessed with the best family and friends. โค๏ธ

Until next time,

Love always,


Happy Fall and Some updates…

So what the heck?

Anyone else been having problems with their WordPress account? I have tried blogging for days now and my laptop won’t type anything on WordPress. WordPress will then tell me the site is not responding and needs to be recovered. I’ve noticed other people posting though so after many attempts with no luck, contacting customer service with no luck and different things I’ve tried – I figured maybe it was my laptop that needed to be rebooted, so I did that. ๐Ÿ™„ I swear – sometimes, I’m grateful for technology and sometimes – I want to throw it across the room! I have a love / hate relationship with technology, Okay?! Ugh!!!!

I’m currently writing from my phone and it’s working. Maybe it is my laptop and not the actual site. We shall see when my laptop is finished rebooting. It’s brand new so it shouldn’t be giving me trouble, but again – technology is hit or miss. Let’s chat loves!

It has been a while since my last post and so much has been happening. First of all – the Chicago public school students (including mine) have been back to school for a month now. My youngest daughter is in 6th grade and she’s doing great so far. On the first day of school – I was in the bathroom with her as I straightened her hair and we talked about the year ahead. I informed her that this is now middle school or (Junior high) as it’s called and I will not allow any goofing off. 5th grade, she sometimes made excuses to why she couldn’t do her homework. (She left her papers or books in the locker at school on accident. She didn’t know which page she had to do), etc. Etc. etc. Excuses!!!! I let her know that this year is so important, and as she gets older…teachers and I – expect her to be more responsible and take care of her stuff. She needs to know what she’s supposed to do and bring home everything she’s supposed to bring home. I told her excuses are not going to be okay this year and weren’t last year either, but now… If she brings home excuses – she can’t have technology for the day. She’ll be grounded any on days she forgets her stuff for her homework or gets a bad grade or doesn’t pay attention to what she needs to do for homework. I’m a lot tougher this year than I was last year because as I said – she’s getting older and I expect her to be more responsible this year. I had a long and serious conversation with her on that first day of school and made it clear what I expected of her. I also told her that there will be no more worrying about who likes her, who is or isn’t her friends this year or little girl drama. Last year, she was constantly worrying about who her friends were or what they were doing. She was constantly worrying about the drama little girls in her class were starting or having and what everyone else was doing. I let her know that this year, she only worries about herself and her homework, her classwork and her grades and what her teachers are talking about. Not her little friends. She doesn’t need to worry about who likes who, whose talking crap about who or who is starting what trouble with who. I made that clear as well. I didn’t want to hear the gossip this year unless someone was bothering or bullying her. The rest – she was told to ignore and concentrate on her studies and grades. She then asked me what she should do if someone is talking about her? I told her to come home and tell me or tell her teachers in private, but not to confront the girl or girls talking about her and to ignore anyone who doesn’t have anything nice or kind to say. She asked me what she should do if someone tries to fight her because sometimes – girls in 6th grade aren’t very nice. Sadly, she’s so right!!! As girls get older, they get meaner, cattier, brattier. More petty.

I let her to know to avoid fights as much as she can and if she can, to walk away and tell whoever is trying to fight her that she doesn’t have time to be petty. If she can – find an adult and tell them what’s going on or contact me, but to avoid a fight if possible. Now listen – what happened next – I should not have laughed at but I did. It was one of those parenting moments that we’re supposed to take seriously but it’s kind of too funny NOT to laugh. If you don’t laugh – you have no sense of humor. So – my oldest son (who is 16 currently) – is listening to the entire conversation I’m having with my daughter Kailani. He comes out of his room and walks over to the bathroom. He says, “No! No! No! Do not listen to mom. If some girl tries to fight you – you better HASHTAG – whoop dat’ ho ass!”. I screamed out “Frankie!”, And told him not to tell her that, but I couldn’t help it. I giggled. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคฃ Frankie is definitely a funny kid and at that moment, he was trying to be funny and he was. Listen. I did let it be known that he was wrong for joking like that in front of her and I did let HER know that she better NOT #whoopdathoass – on anybody….

I then tried to figure out if my son is a bad influence, if Cardi B. Is a bad influence (that line came from one of her songs) – or BOTH are bad influences. ๐Ÿคฃ I still love me some Cardi B. though.

So … We did go through all the things I want her to know about 6th grade and what she needs to be doing. So far – so good. I’ve even been proud watching her sit up late at night writing essays or working on projects. She recently got an 86% on one of her math tests, and may I say that for some reason – the math she’s been getting this year has been a lot easier than last year’s math? Weird but I’m loving it. ๐Ÿ˜ We went to curriculum night not too long ago and I was able to meet all her teachers for this year. She has her first field trip coming up as well. Her class is going to Wisconsin for Apple picking. How cool is that? Wisconsin! She’s excited.

The 16-year old is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life after school and if he’ll go to college or find some kind of trade. In my perfect world, he’d go to college and Continue to play Football, but he’s not sure yet. It broke my heart when he said he was getting tired of Football – Because I love watching him play and he’s so good at it. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ Whatever he wants to do in life after school… If it makes him money and he’s successful (and as long as it’s legal) …. I’m going to support him. He’s talked about being a fire fighter, so we’ll see. Every mother just wants their kids to be successful.

My oldest daughter lives in Minnesota and is going to college soon for Criminal Justice. She works full time and rents an entire house that she pays for, so I’m super proud of her. I’ve been blessed with some really great kids. โค๏ธ.

I’m even proud of Frankie. Most 16 year olds (including his friends) are out there doing stupid things, getting into trouble and acting crazy. My son Frankie – he’s a dream come true compared to some of these other kids out there. He stays home most of the time, takes out the garbage, helps with his siblings, looks out for me just as much as I look out for him, helps around the house and does so many great things. Recently, he came to me and showed me videos and pictures of one of his friends, who went to homecoming but ended up taking a pill we believe was Ecstasy, and getting completed messed up on it. I know this kid and his parents very well, and this kid is completely shy and doesn’t do anything wild or crazy, so to see him dancing on tables and acting goofy… Was different. Frankie didn’t want to tell me, but Frankie is a good kid who looks out for his friends and while Frankie knows that marijuana is one thing most teens try – he also knows that hardcore drugs like Ecstasy – is a whole other game that no teen should mess around with. Frankie was honest and came to me not knowing what to do because he didn’t want to snitch or be considered one, but he was worried about his friend that night. Frankie ended up having a long talk with the kid and telling him once the kid was sober enough to understand – that it’s one thing to do a little marijuana here and there, but anything else is on a whole other level Frankie don’t mess with or agree with. He let his friend know how disappointed he was in him and even told him to be honest with his parents because they were eventually going to find out.

I had to let the mother know. I care about this kid a lot and as I said – I know him well. I know the mother of the kid and care about her and their entire family, and I don’t care about being considered a “snitch” if I can save a child’s life! I went to the mother and let her know about the videos I saw, the photos and what her son took and did at the homecoming dance this past weekend. I asked her not to let him or anyone know that my son came to me and said something but that my son was concerned as a friend. She was absolutely thrilled that she was told – and loved the fact that my son was honest and was looking out for her son. She told me she loves my son for that. She thanked me and told me she would definitely not let her son know who told her – but by the time I told her – I also found out that another one of their female friends showed and told her mother and her mother also went to this boys mother and told her. See?! My son wasn’t the only concerned friend this boy has. I wasn’t the only parent who took the concerns to this boys mother. I was happy another teen, and another mother stepped up to say something just as my son and I had. I’m grateful my son doesn’t mess around with drugs, and I’m so thankful he was honest with me and cared about his friend enough to tell me what his friend had done. Hopefully it never happens again and those parents of the boy can intervene. From what I know, they’ll be drug testing him randomly now.

So, I have been blessed with some great kids who may drive me crazy and do some goofy stuff sometimes or make mistakes, but I am thankful that those mistakes are not too serious and can be fixed. I am grateful that those mistakes are not gangs or drugs. I am grateful that my kids for the most part – use their common sense, are mature and responsible and that I don’t have bigger problems like some parents do. I want my kids to be successful no matter what – and it looks like they’re headed on the right path. ๐Ÿ˜Š

That being said – let me share a funny story with all of you. Something that happened to me recently. I was telling the story to a few friends of mine and they were laughing at it so hard and told me I had to share it here for my readers. I guess I will. ๐Ÿค” Hopefully, you guys and gals get a good laugh out of it as well. So…..

I won’t say which suburb, but in one of our Illinois suburbs, I was driving a few weeks ago and came across a spot where they’ve been doing construction forever now, and it goes down to one lane where everyone has to merge to the right. I merged over as usual, and was stuck in stupid traffic with many cars in front of me and many cars behind me. I was already aggravated because of the traffic, plus – it was super hot outside and I didn’t have any coffee that morning. Me and no coffee – it’s not a pretty site. My attitude is on beast mode without coffee. ๐Ÿคฃ I didn’t realize it but I was blocking an intersection to another street on the side of me. I see a Black SUV with a normal looking dude in it – pull up right on the side of me. I look at him, he’s looking at me. He beeps his horn and turns on these Red and Blue lights in his car. These lights are all around his dashboard, the inside of his back window and all around his doors. I’ve never seen anything like that, so I thought the lights looked pretty cool, but figured this was just some dude trying to make me move so he could get through to the street on the side of me. I rolled my eyes, shook my head and backed up to let “Mr. Impatient” get through. When he passed by and got to the side street, I pulled back up into the middle of the intersection not thinking twice about it or realizing I was blocking it again.

All of a sudden, “Mr. Impatient” – Mr. “Cool lights” – makes a U-turn on the side street and gets right behind me but on the side, because he couldn’t get directly behind me until traffic (and I) moved forward. Once traffic moved, he gets directly behind me (lights still flashing inside his car), and traffic comes to a stop again. I didn’t pay any attention to this dude until I see him in my rearview mirror jump out of his car. As traffic inched forward, so did I. I looked back and this dude comes running over to my car (hand on his holster likes he’s about to pull his gun on me), and he starts screaming “Hey! Hey! Where do you think you’re going?”. I then realize this random dude in the regular SUV with the really cool lights all around it – is a COP!

I did NOT expect that. Lmfao. In my defense, when I saw the lights the first time… I figured this was some goofy guy who threw lights and a police horn in his car to act like a cop and scare people or joke around. It wasn’t until I saw the entire uniform and gun that I realized he wasn’t joking around. So, I tell him I’m about to go up to the corner and park around the corner so we don’t block traffic. He asks for my license and I hand it over. He tells me I better go up to the corner, turn and park. He was pretty angry. I did as I was told. He comes back to the car once we were both parked around the corner and asks for my insurance, and he has an attitude at first. I handed my insurance card over as well. He asks why I was blocking the intersection and why I thought it would be a smart idea to pull back up and block it again once he passed me. I told him I wasn’t really paying attention to or thinking much about it, and then he asks me who I thought I was to shake my head at him when he tried to pass me? I kind of smirked. I couldn’t help it! I told him, “In my defense, you didn’t really look like a cop. You’re in a regular SUV with lights that don’t even resemble a cop cars lights, and you just looked like a regular guy”.

Excellent comedian (Gabriel Iglasias) said it best. If you can make a cop laugh, you have a chance of getting out of a ticket. Well, after I said that…. This cop smirked as well. He looked like he was trying not to smile or laugh. He says, “That’s the point! Do you know how easy it is for me to catch people doing goofy stuff or speeding past me in my regular SUV with my odd looking lights?”. He told me how many people he’s caught by NOT looking like a cop. I then told him, “another thing too – do you know how many regular guys use regular cars and lights like that to make themselves look like cops so they can stop females and harass them or mess with them? It’s been all over the news. I didn’t know if you were really a cop”. He thought about it for a moment and then says, “You’re right! You’re absolutely right!”.

Wait a minute. Hang on. A cop telling ME I’m right???? Can I take out my phone and record that? Can you say that again , officer? Lmao….

Seriously though, he told me I’m making good points, so he told me to hang tight while he checks my license and identification. A few moments later, he comes back to the car, stands there and stares down at me. Um – okay? I started getting nervous and wondered if his next words were going to be, “you have a warrant”, or “Can you step out of the car?”. I laughed a little thinking about the Mike Epps comedy special where he talks about how the police ask him to step out of the car for a few moments – and he says No. When they ask him why not – he says, “Because every time I step out of the car for a few moments, I’m gone for mmmoonnnttthhhssss”. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ So while this cop was just standing there staring at me with his young , fine self – ๐Ÿ˜ – I didn’t know what to expect next. But – he hands me my license and tells me, “I work this area often. You do NOT block intersections and if I see you around here again, you DO NOT shake your head and roll your eyes at me!”. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ I didn’t get a ticket!

It was actually quite comical and anyone that I’ve told it too – has laughed and loved the way I tell it, so I had to share. I was told to … ๐Ÿ˜ Maybe next time, I’ll bring him some Coffee, blast his radio – and pretend we’re at a club with his car lights. Ha…..

Any way, besides that – Kailani (the youngest daughter) has also joined Vollyball at school, and has joined a youth group at a local church near by. She loves it but she has a crush on a little boy there. I’m not ready for this! However .. he does seem to be a good little church boy…but still…she’s only in 6th grade and it better just stay a little crush. That’s it! Oy…. I had to laugh when she told her brother (my son, Frankie) about the crush and he told her he was going to CRUSH her dreams and tell her NO to boys. ๐Ÿ˜ He’s super protective of her and before she goes out in shorts, he has to approve and let her know if he thinks they are too short or not. I’m like “wait… Whose the parent here?”. Lmao… But Frankie is great at looking out for his little sister. I love it!

In other news, I will be moving soon and finding another apartment. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to continue to pay rent (or even waste my money) ….where I am now, or move and start fresh. Literally. The apartment I have now, my parents used to live there and when they moved, I took over. I once loved that place, but it has a lot of wear and tear in it from when they lived there. The carpets need cleaning. The entire apartment needs painting. It needs some electrical outlets fixed that my landlord has been saying he was going to come over and handle for the longest – and still hasn’t. He came in with a carpet cleaner vac that did nothing for the carpets. He didn’t want to hire anyone professionally but told me I could if I wanted to. He said he would paint the entire apartment for me when my parents moved out and I took over, but he came over and painted two of the dining room walls, handed me a small can of paint and a small paint brush, and told me if I wanted to touch anything else up – the stuff was there. He didn’t even give me an actual roller. I painted the entire kitchen and the entire main bedroom by myself with just a paint brush and it took me weeks. Had someone completely new moved in, he would have had to had the entire place repainted, repairs made and carpets cleaned – so why he couldn’t do that for me – who knows?! I used to love that place which is why I took over when my parents moved out of there , but now – I feel like it’s just too much work. I would have to do too much to make it look brand new or decent and I’m just tired of it. I’d rather find a new place with everything working. I’d rather find a place with clean carpets and fresh paint and a landlord who actually does something! The entire front porch needs to be torn down and rebuilt or someone is eventually going to get hurt on it. I’ve told him. The woman Downstairs has told him. Yet – he has done nothing to fix it. I’ve been thinking about this for a few months. I was told he’s the kind of landlord to do as little as he possibly can, and I see that now. Don’t get me wrong. He’s been a nice guy but he just doesn’t want to put any money into the place where it needs to be put. So it was either me spending my money to get all the stuff done that needed to be done, or me just moving and starting fresh with an apartment that had been cleaned, painted and has working outlets, lights and so on. It was not a decision that came easy because I truly love the apartment and it’s huge, but I don’t want to put money into it if I don’t have to. I’m not the landlord. I shouldn’t have to. Not to mention my landlord and I don’t really enjoy seeing each other. One of them being if something needs to be done or fixed – he knows I’m going to bring it up and say something. That means he has to do some work. There’s other reasons that we’ve bumped heads and I just feel like it’s time to go. I found a few places and I’ll be calling this weekend to see those. I’m actually excited to move and find something else. Hopefully, the landlord is a little more attentive as well. This one – just hadn’t done what I’ve asked him to do, needed him to do or fixed what needed to be fixed. He also says he may sell the building, but who knows?!!! I just can’t wait to find something fresh and new, and set up for Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜.

I can’t believe Christmas is only a few months away. I just brought my first gift this past weekend. I’m not going to say what it is but it’s a gift for my youngest daughter. One of many. I also wanted to share for parents out there – that if you’re on Facebook, you need to like and add the (Santa Clause writes).page. He’s a real guy who looks just like Santa clause and posts many funny things, stories, videos and sometimes – goes live so kids can watch him read stories. He’ll answer questions and show his pet reindeers and so on. It’s really cool. My daughter and little guy watch all the time around this time because this is the time of year that guy is most active. He also sends postcards and letters to kids, along with Christmas kits. You do have to pay for them but kids love them… This guy has become a hit and popular sensation all over the world. Santa clause writes! Check it out. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I also want all of you to stay tuned and keep checking in. I plan to surprise my mother by taking her somewhere she’s going to love. She deserves it and I can’t wait. I’ll be writing about that and sharing photos soon enough. She keeps trying to trick me into telling her where I’m taking her but I’m smarter than that. ๐Ÿคฃ She’s just going to have to wait …..

Let me share a conversation I had recently with a friend of mine. She only has a daughter, but she started dating a guy in January who has 4 kids. This guy really treats my girl and her daughter well, and recently he mentioned that he’d like to get married. He asked her thoughts on it and she came to me and we talked about it. I know he treats her well so my question was, “what the hell are you waiting for? What is there to think about? Why are you debating about it?”. She mentioned his 4 kids. She wasn’t sure she was ready to take on that responsibility, which is a common thing with certain people. They want to get married. They love the person they’re dating, but if there’s kids involved, sometimes they aren’t sure they can handle that. Sometimes, they’re just not sure if they’ll be good step-parents or if the kids will accept them as a step-parent. Of course, there’s going to be fears there when kids are involved. In this case, my girl wasn’t sure she was going to be a good step-parent. She asked what I thought. My honest opinion was this:


My girl is a great mother and I let her know that. I think she’s amazing with her daughter and she does everything she can for her child, so raising step-kids and treating them like your own, is really no different than raising your own kids. You treat them amazing like you would your own. You do things for them like you would do for your own kids. You take them places you take your own kids and involve them. You’re there for them to talk to or trust or just say, “hey… I’m here if you need anything!”. I let her know that if she married this awesome guy, his kids just become her kids as well in some ways and she treats them as beautifully as she treats her daughter. It’s really no different. I feel like she should marry him and she’s going to be a great step-mother. ๐Ÿ˜Š So for those out there thinking about getting married but the person has kids from a previous relationship – so what? Go for it. If you’re happy together and the kids like you and you love them – don’t be afraid to make it happen and become a blended family and a step-parent to another child or children. It takes some getting used to but you may be so happy you took those kids in and went for it. Those kids may not have the greatest mother or father so they may be happy to have you in their lives as well as a step-mother or step-father. Take the chance.

I dated a guy I’ll call (Ricky) for 11 months. When I first started dating him, he had a two – month old little girl. The mother wasn’t in the picture. I raised that little girl and everything I did for my kids, I did for her. Anywhere I took my kids, she went with us. I brought her clothes and toys, shoes and books, and blankets and so on. Ricky was a big part of my life at the time so I knew his daughter was part of the package and she became a huge part of my life. I adored and loved that little girl like she was my own daughter. My kids treated her like their little sister, so it was great. As she got older, I got to see her walk and talk. Her first word was “Mama”, and she said it to ME! Sometimes, it’s totally worth raising kids that are not only not yours, but will become like yours. I raised that little girl as mine until she was 1 and her dad and I broke up. I’ll never forget her. So, I say if you’re with someone you love and you’re about to get married – or if you start dating someone with kids and it’s going so well, you’re thinking about taking it further… Do it! If they have kids, your kids become theirs in some way and their kids become yours. It can truly be a blessing. ๐Ÿ˜

Onto other things…

I just saw the movie Hustlers! The previews for the movie were excellent and it really made me want to see it. The beginning of the movie had me like “Whoa J. LO!”. Lmfao. She shows a little much in that movie. The movie started off great. However, it kind of bounced around a lot and it was back and forth so it kind of got a bit confusing. All of a sudden, there’s a journalist and a reporter and whoever else, and it went from this year to that year and that year and …. Whatever! Reminded me of the goody movie Pulp-Fiction. The movie also seemed like Cardi B. was a huge part of it but she only played in a few scenes, which sucked because I thought she was in the entire movie. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t all it was made out to be. It could have been better. It was still decent. If you’ve seen it, what did you think???? Let me know….. Contact a sista! Ha…

Alright my lovelies, I’m going to get out of here. It’s raining, cold here in Chicago and it’s now officially Autumn. I am super excited. I love this time of year. Football, hoodie weather, it gets dark earlier now, bonfires, hot chocolate, pumpkin spiced ERR-thang. Pumpkin patches and farms. Leaves changing colors. Thunderstorms. Cuddle weather as I say. I am in love with Autumn. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, happy Fall y’all! Enjoy….

Until next time,


Cookie. โค๏ธ

Talking back to school, a funny spider story; and A horse named “King”.

Conversation between my 11-year old and I when we talked about her going back to school soon:

KaiLani: I don’t want to go back to school and be in 6th grade. We were told that if we don’t raise our hands and do class discussions, or answer any of the teachers questions, she’s going to call on us any way.

Me: Well yeah. It’s called PARTICIPATION; and in middle school, you DO get graded on participation just as much as class work and home work, behavior and so on. You BETTER participate and if you know the answers, and you should because you’ve been paying attention, you SHOULD raise your hand and answer the questions.

KaiLani: No mom. I don’t want to do that.

Me: Well, this year – I want to see A’s and B’s. No C’s. You’re not in 5th grade anymore and now it’s time to get really serious about your education, so I DEMAND you participate and do the right thing.

KaiLani: What if people say I’m a nerd because I know too much?

Me: In twenty years, they’ll be calling you the BILLIONARE because you know too much; and you’ll be something great with all that nerd-ism in you.

KaiLani: Nerd-ism? Really? Is that even a word?

Me: It is today! (LMAO)

I was totally giggling at our conversation when we talked about her going into 6th grade and participating in class discussions. She’s now in what’s considered “middle school” – upper elementary. (6th, 7th and 8th) – so things are about to get a lot tougher; and I told her that it’s time to settle down, not worry so much about her friends; and do everything she needs to do to get those A’s and B’s. I won’t accept any C’s this year. She’s always had really good grades and teachers love her, but the last few report cards, C’s have still been passing – and I’ve accepted it because she was young and I allowed some “space” but now – as she gets older, good grades are important. Participation and paying attention are so important; and I’ve talked to her about that as she’s about to head back to school pretty soon. She makes me laugh; but she knows I’m very serious and she better do her very best this year to make me proud when those report cards roll out. C’s are NOT acceptable anymore and won’t be tolerated. Call it tough love or whatever you want to call it. Say I’m being too hard on her, or too strict – but I know how smart she is; and that she can do it! It’s time to buckle down and take her grades and education seriously. No more elementary. This is MIDDLE SCHOOL, things are going to get harder (especially the Math we hate so much), ha – and her eyes need to be glued on the teacher, the board, her books and her work at all times. If I see any C’ this year, there’s going to be no electronics time, no outside, no fun after school – none of it. She’s going to be hitting those books hard this year. I also plan to keep her on education sites; and if need be – hire a tutor for that Math crap. I probably should hire a tutor for myself – no lie. I CAN NOT STAND MATH.

Back when I was in 5th and 6th grade, our math was addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. THAT WAS IT. It was THAT simple. Now – my kids bring home all kinds of Xy to the 2nd power – 7zx to the third power x 90xy rounded off to – BLAH BLAH BLAH. My eyes go blurry, my heart starts beating faster and I want to faint. lmfao. Seriously though. I am NOT the only mom / parent who has looked at her child’s math homework – and been like:

That’s totally me!!!! I swear – some of this stuff she brings home – I learned in HIGH SCHOOL!!! That was many years ago, and I haven’t used it since, so while she’s learning all this new and crazy Math – I’m learning it all over again myself. I’m like, “I don’t remember this crap”. I used to feel stupid and kicked myself in the butt for not knowing some of it, or understanding, but the more moms and parents I’ve talked to, the more PEOPLE in general I’ve talked to about it, they ALL agree with me, say the same things about how stupid this new math is, how much they all hate it, and how they don’t understand it either – because some of it – we were never taught. They have a totally new way of doing things in schools these days. I no longer feel bad that sometimes – I have to ask GOOGLE for help for Math homework. lmao…. DON’T HATE!!!! I don’t seem to be the only parent out there that does it. I’ve talked to many parents recently that have said some of the Math their kids bring home is like, “HUH?”. LOL. I have always hated MATH (Unless I’m counting my paychecks). I am NOT looking forward to 6th grade Math and I know it’s about to become a lot tougher than last year’s Math.

Now – give my daughter an essay she has to write on any subject – Oh, that’s all me!!!! I used to get essay’s done in school in minutes! Nobody ever knew how I wrote essay’s so fast, but even if we had an essay as homework, I’d finish it in class in under 10 minutes or so – and give it to the teacher. I love writing. I don’t mind English, or Essay’s, reading homework, and so on. Social studies, Science – those have always been my thing. No! I’m not a nerd. lmao. I promise. I just don’t mind those subjects – but Math – I’m convinced is a Devil’s subject. Ha. So – it’s almost back to school for the kids in Chicago and mine – and my daughter knows what I expect of her this year since she’s getting older; and we talked about getting off to a good start in school this year. No matter what I have to do to help her – it’s going to be done. The school she’s at is great, they love her, I communicate with them well. They communicate with me well – and they know her needs as an ADHD student. I’m proud of KaiLani. She does try hard; and I know she’ll be just fine this year – even if she’s whining right now about how tough 6th grade is going to be. We’ve got this! (I think!). Pray for me y’all. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also had a good laugh the other day (and… I hope you do as well when you read this) because KaiLani was asking me so many questions about nature, animals, life and why this – why that? I told her I was going to buy her an Alexa for Christmas and that she can sit in her room and ask Alexa all the questions she wants. She was laughing. Seriously, she NEEDS an Alexa! She has so many questions she wants answers to. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฃ Her and Alexa can have a whole conversation. She says she WANTS an Alexa. I was kidding but um – Okay. LOL

Let’s talk horseback riding.

Last year, I promised KaiLani for her 10th birthday that I’d take her horseback riding. She takes after me in so many ways, from her love of country music, to her love of horseback riding. I love horses and horseback riding, so I find it amazing that my daughter is turning out to be a true country gal like her mama. (Me.) ๐Ÿ™‚ This year, when she turned 11 – she reminded me I didn’t take her horseback riding as promised last year. I made the promise to do so this year. Her horse she was on was Java. I rode King. King is the biggest horse at the stables we go to. When they brought out King, I looked up at this horse and thought, “What the heck? How the heck?”….. I joked with the girl that I’d be needing a ladder or a few step stools piled on top of each other. She grabs the stir-up and says, “Oh no you won’t. You’ll be fine. Hop up there”.

YO!!!!! GIRL!!!!! KING IS 10 FEET HIGH. HE CAN TOUCH THE SKY. I’M 5 FEET, 4 INCHES TALL. I COULDN’T EVEN PULL MYSELF UP TO DO A CHIN-UP ON THE BARS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, LET ALONE PULLING MYSELF UP ON THIS MOVING 10 FOOT TALL HORSE!!! lmfao. I felt like telling her all that, but didn’t. Normally, I’d be fine. Normal horse – with normal height – I’d jump in the saddle and swing my leg across like nothing. I’m used to it. I love horses and have rode horses for the longest. This was no normal horse. This things was a MAN of a horse – and looked like it was on Steroids. SWOLL AND HUGE. LOL!

I kind of felt like GUS – GUS in Cinderella at first. The little mouse who looks up, sees all the stairs they have to climb, says “du-du-du-du-ddddddoooooooooooooooeeee”, BEFORE HE PASSES OUT. That’s how I looked up at King.

My only two thoughts were, “Either I’m going to try to jump up on this horse and fall off on the other side, or – I can actually do this!”.

I actually did it. I got all my strength together, put one foot in the sit up, grabbed on to the front part of the saddle, and do what I always do with normal sized horses. I jumped up there, pulled myself over and swung my leg like a horseback pro! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was proud. I asked why the BIGGEST – TALLEST – HORSE. Another chick says, “Because you’ve been here before, seem like you have the experience and King is one of our best”. Hey. I said I looked like a PRO – not that I AM!!! Now, I know I said I wanted a KING in my life – but this man of a horse on Steroids – was not the kind of KING I was talking about. haha. I was thinking maybe more of a man I can call my KING. Not a horse NAMED King. King was beautiful though. All White with some spotting; and while he was wild, and did his own thing – I enjoyed being that high up, and feeling powerful.

King and I – my daughter and her horse Java – hit the trails and it was so much fun. Relaxing. Peaceful. The trails were kind of rough. Mud, large hills, rocks, broken ground – but King hopped over, skipped over, and jumped through every obstacle without throwing me off, so trust was gained. LOL My daughter’s horse did great with her as well, and I think she’s becoming a little pro. ๐Ÿ™‚

The ride was about 45 minutes long; and I guess the farm changed their trail path, because this time – we passed some creepy tall grassy areas with abandoned trailer tractors / trucks, sheds, tractors, garbage and so on. There was an abandoned house – with a beautiful swimming pool but it had all kinds of abandoned things inside of it – grass growing out of it. Weird. This trail path looked like something out of the movie “WRONG TURN”. I was happy when we got past it. Not to mention there were two guys in the woods on that trail that looked like they were up to no good. I don’t remember the old trail being anything like that one. I haven’t been there in a while though.

We had a good time though. I always enjoy being in the saddle and horseback riding. It’s a very much loved pastime of mine. And – I fulfilled my promise to take Lani for her birthday. Better late than never. ๐Ÿ™‚ We went to eat after, and the day was nice.

In the next few days, it’s going to be school Physicals, dentist appointments and so on. All the paperwork that needs to be filled out for the new school year, etc. Ready for BACK TO SCHOOL – ? I AM and I’m NOT. I am because I’m tired of hearing the words “I’M BORED” – at 8 AM. I’m NOT – because I don’t want to wake up at 7 AM to get my youngest daughter to school by 8 AM. It’s been nice not having those struggles while summer has been here and schools been out. Ah – back to it soon parents! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I will also be redecorating my place. I’ve decided to stay in Chi a little bit longer. Maybe just until April or May next year – and then move. Anyone want to come get paid just for taking my old couch out so I can get my new ones? I plan to have my place redecorated by Nov. 1st – so you know – I can put my Christmas decorations up. lmao. You know how I roll ! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! Decorating the earlier – the better. Halloween one night – CHRISTMAS the next. ๐Ÿ™‚

Walls will be repainted. Carpets will be cleaned. New couches, a new entertainment center, fake plants – and such – will all be brought in. I don’t do real plants. I won’t take care of them. Seriously, they’d die. LMAO. I love the look of plants though. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait for the decorating to be finished. Especially in the living room (where I’m starting first) – because that’s where the Christmas tree goes of course. Ha. Be on the look out for BEFORE AND AFTER photos.

I had to laugh because when I told my 11 year old I was going to be decorating for Christmas right after HALLOWEEN – she put her hands on her head like she had a whole headache, shook her head and rolled her eyes! EXCUSE ME LITTLE GIRL?!Pppppffffffftttttโ€ฆโ€ฆ I told her, “You act like I asked for your opinion in the matter”. LOL.

And – getting in the spirit – I will also be starting my Christmas shopping around November 15th. SO WHAT? ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah – it’s almost AUTUMN. I’m so in love with Autumn. The colors of it. The smells of it. Hoodie weather. Bon fires. etc.

Wanna hear a funny story? I was driving the other day; and there was one of those normal Yellowish – White spiders on my windshield. Tree spiders, I guess? I HATE Spiders. I pulled the thingy back to spray the windshield and have the wipers kill that dang spider – but when the wipers activated, that dang spider was still crawling right past the wipers. It was dark outside, and it took me a minute to realize that the wiper didn’t kill the spider because that dang spider was INSIDE the car.


No! Of course I didn’t set my car on fire. I wanted to though. lol. I’m telling ya – spiders are NOT my thing! I watched it crawling inside on my windshield for a few seconds before grabbing a piece of paper and realizing I was going to have to be brave and kill it. I knew if it fell, I’d have a spider roaming around my car – which would creep me out even more knowing it could pop up when I least expected it. That would NOT be good. So, I took a deep breath and SPLAT!!!!! Smashed it!!! Got it!!!!!! I hope all his little friends and family saw what happened so they know my car is NOT a place they wanna be. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha.

I’m trying to get into this Medical program as well and I totally forgot I need to fill out the school application for it because they don’t select everyone. So – let me go do that right now. I’ll end this here.

Until next time, love you all. ๐Ÿ™‚


A weekend blessed by the Lord…..

Good morning lovelies.

As I sit here and do laundry, and sip my Coffee while enjoying a relaxing morning, I wanted to share MINNESOTA with all of you. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you haven’t read the post before this one and saw the video of us surprising my oldest daughter for her birthday – then you should go read that / watch the video before reading the rest of this one. (Scroll down) – and then come back up here. Ha. It has been a long weekend but it was so worth it and so much fun. My mother made a great point. Months and months of planning – only for the weekend to come and go so quickly. Kind of sad. We have been planning this surprise for my oldest daughter since April. It has been a long wait and we were super excited. It’s hard to believe it’s over now; and we’re back to reality. We came back to Chicago Monday night; and I hated it. If I had the extra money and could have afforded it right then and there, I would have totally stayed and looked for a place out there – sent the movers to my place to pack up – and just had my stuff brought to me from Chicago.

I love Minnesota – and we had such a great time. Let me share.

When we arrived there Friday, it was already 6 PM, so we rushed to the hotel, checked in, took all our things to the room; and freshened up before rushing back out to my daughter’s job to surprise her. For those who don’t know, she posted on Facebook months ago about how this year – it’s her Golden birthday (19 on August 19th) – and she didn’t feel like celebrating because she didn’t know what to do and she was depressed that none of her family would be there to celebrate with her. You know I couldn’t let her be depressed or go through her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY – alone. I was going to make it to Minnesota through hell and high waters. Long extra hours at both of my jobs to save extra money for this trip – and again – it was worth it. The good Lord made it happen! I hustled and struggled – and he stepped in and helped me stay away long nights at work with Coffee and energy drinks, and FAITH!

I had to giggle when my oldest son Frankie – kept checking himself out in the mirror before we left the hotel. I playfully yelled at him and told him, “LET’S GO! YOU’RE GOING TO SEE YOUR SISTER. YOU’RE NOT GOING ON A DATE!”. He smiled and told me he hasn’t seen her in so long, he has to look fresh. He wants to look nice. I smiled and I know how close my two oldest are so it was cute. It was sweet. I knew he was super excited to see her again; and hang out with her. He even (without asking me first) planned to spend the weekend at her house instead of in the hotel with us – which was totally fine with me. I know my oldest daughter is pretty responsible and doesn’t let him do anything goofy or get into trouble when she’s around. ๐Ÿ™‚ After going to her job and surprising her – she was allowed to leave early with us. We didn’t do much Friday and I think we were all so tired from the drive there – it was best we didn’t. My mother and I went back to the hotel with my youngest daughter and my toddler. I was in bed pretty early. I slept like a baby. The hotel by the way – was awesome! Thank you HOLIDAY INN! PERFECT STAY!!!!!

It was kind of expensive – but worth every penny.

I was a little upset that I wasn’t able to stay at the COUNTRY INN AND SUITES where I stayed last time, because it was WAY more expensive, but the HOLIDAY INN seemed a little better actually. I don’t regret staying there at all. I COULD have stayed at the COUNTRY INN – but I didn’t want to pay that extra money. Again – the HOLIDAY INN was worth the money spent – and look at this:

I have never seen a hotel that had such a cute set up like this. Not even COUNRY INN had this last time we were in MN. Holiday INN – GOOD JOB! I love the Make up towel and planned to take it home with me, but totally forgot. Blah. I walked into the bathroom and this was just adorable. They even had facial mask cleaners available. NEVER seen anything like this in a hotel. Sure – some hotels have cute towel and soap set up’s but this one went above and beyond my expectations. The room was HUGE. The beds were comfortable. The room was so clean and fresh. Many hotels I stayed in before have the sheets and a thin comforter. This one – had the sheets, a blanket – and a really thick comforter which meant – instead of piling myself up with blankets upon blankets or asking for more – I was super warm at night and I loved it. The breakfasts each morning – were freshly made; and perfect. Do you know I’ve never in my life had an Omelette? Nope. Seriously. Never. I had my first Omelette this weekend at the hotel in their breakfast bar. It was super delish and I fell in love! Who knows how to make Omelette’s? I’ll hire you for my breakfasts – LMAO!

They had Biscuits and Gravy. I love B&G. They had pancakes, toast, muffins, bagels, and many other choices. They had a variety of different coffee’s, juices, milks – it was just a wonderful breakfast bar every morning; and we enjoyed it. I def. recommend HOLIDAY INN if you’re in Minnesota. We stayed in the Bemidji location. Not saying every location is great, but if you’re out there – it is recommended. My kids and my mom loved the pool and Jacuzzi areas. Room service and maid service was very polite – and it was a great experience. Anything we asked for, they had. We were never told “no” to anything we needed or asked for. They did their best to accommodate all our needs during our stay. We will return. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, Saturday – I had to laugh when my mother asked if I called the kids yet to see if they were awake. She was talking about my two oldest at my oldest daughter’s house. I laughed because I said they were NOT going to be awake yet. It was only 8 AM. If I know my kids – they were going to sleep until almost noon – because my two oldest were probably up all night goofing off, catching up with each other, joking around, watching movies, hanging out in the yard, and just having a good time until the early morning. I told my mother they’re just probably going to bed at 8 AM. Lmfao. She said she didn’t want to stay in the room all day. At 10 – I called my two oldest and sure enough, they admitted they stayed up all night. I told them to be ready by noon so we could find something to do. They wanted to go bowling. I was fine with that and my mother loves bowling so she was more than fine with that.

11:45 AM – I took my youngest son (Eli) and my youngest daughter (KaiLani) to Dollar General to find some pool toys for Eli. As soon as we pulled up, the tornado sirens started sounding. The sky was so blue, and the weather was perfect – so I figured they were just testing them. It’s very rare for that part of Minnesota to get tornados, but they have before so ya never know. I asked the Dollar General lady what the sirens meant – and she had me laughing when she says, “For some reason, they always do that noon here”. I looked at the time and it was already noon. She then says, “Then again, this is Minnesota so we never know. It could be noon, it could be a call for the volunteer firefighters, or a tornado”. That’s kind of scary to NOT know which one it is. They should have different tunes, but – I guess if the skies are blue – it’s either noon or for the firefighters.

I remember being in Pennsylvania when I was a teenager. We were there for a family reunion. I was sleeping in my cousins room when the tornado sirens there started sounding at 2 AM. I was so scared and waiting for something to happen or someone to come in the room and get me, but nobody did and I didn’t want to go wake up other family. Turns out the next morning, my mother asked my Uncle if he heard them. My Uncle said it was a call for the volunteer firemen to go help with a fire at a barn a few miles down. He said the barn burned to the ground. So – in certain states and areas, those sirens are a call for volunteer firemen. Minnesota – same thing. This time as I said – it was noon

When I picked my oldest daughter, oldest son and oldest daughter’s girlfriend up from her house – I asked if she heard the sirens. She says, “Yeah, because it’s noon”. Obviously, she’s used to it. LOL! My oldest had to go to the store for something, so I took her and her girlfriend. They were taking forever. You can NOT send two teenage ladies into a store alone and expect them to be out in 5 minutes – even if they say they only need ONE thing. Oy! I waited, and waited, and waited. My oldest (Tiffanie) calls me and asks me what my youngest daughter (her sister) likes because her birthday was coming up as well and my responsible , awesome oldest daughter (who had just got paid well from her job) – wanted to get her little sister something for her birthday. Isn’t that sweet? ๐Ÿ™‚ I told her, but a few seconds later – her girlfriend calls me and says, “Tiff said to just send Lani in here to pick out whatever she wants”. My youngest daughter was super excited and happy – and picked out a simple but cute T-shirt. I swear, I feel sorry for my youngest daughter’s future boyfriend or husband. My youngest daughter LOVES CLOTHES AND SHOES! lmfao. She told my mother she didn’t have many shirts, so my mother took her into Walmart with her on Sunday – and without me knowing, my mother brought her a bunch of shirts. When my mother saw all the shirts I packed for my daughter for the weekend, my mother was shocked and asked if those shirts were KaiLani’s. I said YES and asked why. She said Kailani told her she didn’t really have any shirts; and that’s why she got KaiLani the shirts she got her. My youngest daughter tricked my mom into buying her new shirts; and when she got busted – she smiled and says, “I just wanted new ones”. Ppppfftttttโ€ฆโ€ฆ.

She was happy her sister got her another T-shirt.

She LOVES CLOTHES AND SHOES as I said. Her poor boyfriend or husband. LOL! After the store (where my oldest daughter was also kind enough to get her baby brother (Eli) a Monster truck race track set that he loves).

We were on the way to the bowling alley when my daughter’s girlfriend asked if I’ve ever had Caribou Coffee. I told her we don’t really have many of them in Chicago. We mainly have Starbucks. Caribou Coffee is well known in Minnesota, so my daughter was surprised I never tried it while I’ve been out there a few times, and asked if I wanted one. She said she’d treat me to it.

She’s so awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ She ordered 4 of the famous Turtle frappe’s. One for me, one for her brother (my son Frankie), one for her sister; and one for her and her girlfriend to share. They were delish! Thank you, Tiffie! After – I dropped them off at the bowling alley. They were supposed to wait outside for me to go around the corner and get my mother from the hotel. Instead – when we got there, the kids were inside of the arcade playing games. Can’t leave teenagers alone for NOTHING! LMAO! My mother is just as bad. She started playing AIR HOCKEY with my son. She started playing race car driving games with my youngest daughter. Suddenly, all my kids (including the baby) – and my mother were in the arcade and I couldn’t get them out. But – it was so much fun and we had a great time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Um – excuse me Elijah – that’s cheating!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Frankie and Eli playing Ski Ball. Frankie playing Basketball.

KaiLani took over air hockey with my mom. Kailani and Eli playing race cars.

After all the kids turned in their tickets to get prizes and were done in the arcade (include my mom) ๐Ÿ™‚ – I paid for bowling. The kids wanted the “VIP” room as they called it. The upgraded Cosmic bowling room. The CLUB ROOM – as I called it. t did remind me of a night club. I paid extra because why not????? Loud Music, awesome lights; and just US! Nobody else was in there. I had to laugh when we yelled, screamed, danced and acted goofy – and then – realized that even if there were tinted windows on the doors and windows so nobody could see in – the staff had a window they could see us from and we were in their site. They saw us acting goofy, yelling and screaming and dancing goofy. I felt goofy! lmfao. These two guys watching all of our goofiness – until we realized they had their own little window – and then – we still acted goofy but in a more calm way. hahahahaha. Na – we had a lot of fun!

Not paying attention – and when I finally got my 4 to look at me. LOL – Tiffie looks so serious and Eli was mad he couldn’t run around.

And after – we all went for Pizza. Then to a pet store where I thought there would be dogs and cats – but nope. Just the basics. The smaller animals and reptiles. Oldest got herself a hamster. I had to laugh when her and my oldest son were putting the cage together on the back of my car; and they called me out of the car to help them. They said they got stuck on STEP 4 while reading the directions. I asked what STEP 4 says. My goofy son says, “Step 4 says to call your mother out of the car to help you guys!”. lmfao. Geesh! After putting the cage together and putting the hamster in, we then go to a Frozen yogurt place. I LOVE Frozen yogurt but we don’t have many really good places in Chicago that serve it. At least – not that I know of. So, we go in – grab cups – and they had all their flavors and machines in these walls. We got what we wanted, paid and left.

After we tasted this yogurt we were so excited for – we realized it had CHERRY in every single flavor. No wonder the place had CHERRY on their cups and signs. It was pretty disgusting. CHERRY FLAVOR does NOT belong in MINT. CHERRY FLAVOR DOES NOT BELONG IN CAKE BATTER FLAVOR. Every flavor we picked, had a dash of cherry flavor in it. It was awful. I guess we should have known that before getting anything from this place. NEVER AGAIN!!!! CHERRY does NOT belong in COOKIE DOUGH flavor. Blah.

So much for Frozen yogurt that day. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

And after the long day we had Saturday, we went back to the hotel to relax. The kids and my mom went swimming. I planned on it but changed my mind.

Eli ready to go swimming. KaiLani and Eli in the pool.

Tiffie and Eli. Frankie and Eli.

Saturday was the best!!!! Arcade, Cosmic bowling, dinner, disgusting yogurt we all laughed over, the pet store and swimming. It was an eventful and successful day. One I’ll never forget! ๐Ÿ™‚ My oldest daughter smiled so much and was so happy we were there. It was special!

Want to laugh? When we first got inside of the “VIP” Cosmic bowling room – my 2 year old ran right onto the lane; and I chased him. He fell backwards. I fell backwards. We both landed on our butts and backs. They BABY OIL those dang lanes up!!! I swear…โ€ฆ lmfao. My two oldest kids ran over to us. They got their little brother off the lane; and then both of them tried lifting me but I was laughing too hard. They decided to drag me off the lane. LOL

I joked that at least I know my two older kids have my back now. They ran over to me as soon as they saw me fall. My oldest son joked that it was the perfect “MAMA BEAR TRYING TO SAVE BABY BEAR FROM DANGER” – moment – since I was on the lane trying to stop my 2 year old from getting hurt. Those lanes are slippery though. AND – I won the game because of my 16 year old, Frankie. It was too funny. Eli wanted to run around and I wouldn’t let him, so I gave him my phone in the middle of the game and put him on my lap. Frankie was taking my turns for me; and he’s ssssooo good at bowling. He does this twist thing with the ball and it goes straight down the lane so he kept getting strikes. At one point, he didn’t realize that the strikes he was making for me – was getting me to win. UNTIL HE LOOKED UP AT THE SCORES. haha. He is good though and was thinking about joining a league.

I also have to thank my daughter KaiLani because Sunday morning, after my fall on Saturday – my back hurt like hell – and still does! She was nice enough to go to breakfast with my mom downstairs and bring me up my breakfast. ๐Ÿ™‚ That day was bad and I didn’t feel like moving too much, but my mother wanted to go to Walmart for something so I had to take her there. That’s where she got tricked into buying Kailani all the shirts Kailani didn’t need. Sunday, my daughter’s girlfriend was cool enough to let us spend the day alone with my oldest daughter and we went for dinner

By the way – after writing all of that – I just realized that Saturday, we went Cosmic bowling, to the arcade, for pizza and then back to the hotel for swimming. It was SUNDAY when we were alone with my oldest daughter (without her girlfriend) – that we got the Frozen yogurt, went to dinner at a country place; and then went to the pet store. So excuse me for saying that was all Saturday. I giggled because I was like, “Sunday – what did we do Sunday?”… and I remembered the pet store, the yogurt – etc. being on Sunday. We still had a blast though. The two oldest were laughing at me (and, they were amazed) – because this one waitress kept glancing at my 16-year old. He looks like a grown man at times – so she probably didn’t even think he was so young. My son kept looking at her as well. When we were leaving the diner – my son said something about wondering if she has a Facebook. I found the waitress on Facebook in under 5 seconds. My oldest kids were laughing about how quick I was able to find this girl by just her first name. I told my son she was too old for him. I always say I do better research than the F.B.I. – AND SHOULD TOTALLY BE WORKING FOR THEM. ๐Ÿ™‚ THEY NEED TO PUT ME ON THE PAYROLL. LMAO!

Sunday as I said – THAT’S when we went to the pet shop, for yogurt and out to a country diner.

Monday – Sadly, it was time to go home. We ate breakfast, loaded the car up, checked out of the hotel and went to spend some time at my oldest daughter’s place before saying our Goodbyes. Monday was her actual birthday. She had to work – which is why we did everything over that weekend. It was hard to ay bye to her and leave. I love Minnesota. I love her. I knew she hated watching us leave as well. I knew my oldest son was feeling some kind of way because he’s so close to his sister. I look forward to whenever we can go back.

Eli was a friendly little dude at the hotel. He had everyone smiling. We went to breakfast downstairs Saturday morning; and there were so many older / elderly people in the breakfast bar area. He threw his hands out sideways and yells, “HHHHHEEEEEYYYY!” When people just smiled, he threw his arms the other way and yells, “HHHHHEEEEEYYYYYYY!”. At one point, an elderly couple came by and he says, “Hey friends. I’m here!”. He had my mother laughing so hard. Monday morning – at breakfast – he had a full conversation with an elderly woman who kept talking to him – and he kept talking to her. He is such a happy and friendly kid. ๐Ÿ™‚

We got back to Chicago Monday night. Yesterday, I went through this bad depression. I felt some kind of way; and I was so upset to be back in Chicago. I wanted to jump on the highway and go back to MN. In my heart – that’s home!!!! I don’t know what was going on with me yesterday, but I think it was just that the weekend was over and I was missing the fun, the country, my daughter. I didn’t even go to work yesterday because of how emotional I was. It was bad. Top that off with finding out some other news I won’t get into here – and yesterday was just a crappy day. I feel better today and I am about to get ready for work, but I do miss MN. This weekend was blessed by God and it was nice.

I also laughed when we talked about moving there; and my oldest son was making a list of PRO’s and CON’S. The first thing on his PRO list was, “There’s only two cops to a town”. Which had my mother laughing so hard! This kid…โ€ฆ.. pfffftt. The entire weekend, I kept joking that “I’m from Illinois”, and saying the people there don’t know nothing about TTTTHIIIIISSSSSSSS….. my son was like, “Con – we have to hear mom say I’M FROM ILLINOIS all the time”. My mother laughed at that as well. WELL – I AM! lmfao. When my oldest daughter first moved out there, I got her a hat that says, “I’M FROM CHICAGO”. I told her, “Never forget where you came from, and if anyone messes with you – REMIND THEM!”. She loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚ So yeah, I will let everyone know I’m from ILLINIOS. SO?! ha.

Everything was perfect this weekend. Again, it was a weekend blessed by the Lord….. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, let me get out of here. I just wanted to share how it all went.

Until next time, MUCH LOVE…โ€ฆ


Golden birthday surprises; and a quick Word from Minnesota!


In my last post – I said I have some exciting news; and to stay tuned for it. It was exciting to me any way. ๐Ÿ™‚

We drove 10 hours (13 with stops and such) – to go SURPRISE my oldest daughter for her birthday. Her birthday is August 19th. She’ll be 19 and the 19th (her GOLDEN birthday). She lives in Minnesota with her long-time girlfriend, Emmy. I live in Chicago with my other 3 little ones. When she moved to Minnesota last year (as soon as she turned 18), it was tough for me to process, but she wanted to be closer to her girlfriend.

I don’t get to see her much because of it. I was worried when she first moved out of state, but she’s doing amazing and she’s so responsible. She’s working a full time job with long hours. She’s planning to go back to college for Criminal Justice. She’s renting an entire house. She plans to save and OWN a house one day, so she’s doing big things. I am so proud of her! She has become such an amazing young woman.

Any way, she was in Chicago for the holidays; and that was the last time I saw her. I drove her and her girlfriend back to Minnesota; and went on with my life. She went on with hers. On Facebook a few weeks ago, she posted something about the 19th being her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, how it’s supposed to be a special and fun day for her, but she feels like it won’t be since she has nothing to do, no family in Minnesota; and she misses “home”. Little did she know – we had this trip and surprise for her planned since APRIL. OH EM GEE! It has been so tough keeping the secret from her, not saying anything to her (or her girlfriend) – and planning this entire trip. I have been counting down the days until the moment we leave Chicago to come surprise her. As June and July approached, I couldn’t wait for August 16th (the night we left Chicago to drive all night to make this surprise happen). We have been so excited for this – and it has finally happened. ๐Ÿ™‚

We arrived to the hotel about 6:30 PM or so – yesterday. My other 3 kids; and my mom.

My mom when she found out I was planning this trip / surprise: Oh – you’re going to see Tiffanie and you didn’t ask if I want to go?

Me (not wanting to hurt my mom’s feelings): Mom, do you want to go.

My mother: Well, duh! I miss her, too!


I knew there was no way I was going to be able to go without my mom coming with. It wouldn’t have even been right if I went without her knowing she wanted to come along, so, she’s with us. I had to laugh because when I picked her up from her place at 2 AM – I told her, “YOU WILL NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY DRIVING. NO SLAMMING ON INVISABLE BREAKS FROM THE PASSENGER SEAT. NO COMMENTS. MATTER OF FACT. I CAN BLINDFOLD YOU IF YOU WANT”. Lmfao. In the time that I picked her up and drove to the highway (20 minutes) – she had 5 complains.






Me: OY.

LMAO. Yep. That’s my mama. She started laughing when I informed her it wasn’t too late to turn the car around and take her back home. Truth be told, I didn’t mind her along for the ride. She drives me crazy, but I’m sure I do the same to her. Ha. So yesterday, we get to the hotel, check in, bring everything to our BEAUTIFUL room, and go to my oldest daughter’s job. Only – it was all locked down, no lights; and the factory had a sign with the business hours on it. It was closed. I was confused. I called her girlfriend (had no choice), and told her we were in town. She was super excited, asked if I was serious – and said that building we were at, was the main building. The factory my daughter works at, was a few blocks down. My daughter’s girlfriend lives right by where we were, so she met us at the high school near by, we all packed into my car – and drove to my daughter’s job. As we sat there, Emmy informed us my daughter gets break at 7:30 so she should be coming out. I had a cake for her that was more than enough for everyone she works with; and cookies – so I informed her girlfriend I was NOT going to wait for my daughter’s break; and asked her to show me how to get into the building. I said I would take the blame if we got into trouble. I’m a bad influence. I know. I know. I haven’t seen my daughter since Christmas. SHOW ME THE WAY! LOL!

Emmy showed us how to get in. Would that be BREAKING AND ENTERING? DID I COMMIT A CRIME? HMMMM…. I mean, the door was open so I didn’t break anything – so Trespassing?? lmfao. Emmy opened the main door and asked for Tiffanie. We set up the cake and cookies on the table and hid. Emmy let us know Tiff was coming; and when she got closer, Emmy asked her to come into the break room because they needed to “talk”. Tiff was worried and told her they didn’t, but as soon as she walked into the break room, she heard us all yell SURPRISE! She had no idea what to say, or do or what to think. My daughter has a hard time showing her emotions. She likes to play tough all the time, like she has no emotions – but she had a few tears in her eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚ MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! ๐Ÿ™‚ She didn’t think I was going to let her spend her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY without us, did she? As I said, we’ve been planning this trip since April. My 16 year old (Frankie), and my daughter Tiffanie have always been super close since they were little, so when Tiffie decided to move to Minnesota, Frankie was upset and he’s missed her so much. Them two seeing each other again for the first time since Christmas – was a sweet moment for me as well as their mother. ๐Ÿ™‚ Frankie went to “Dab her up”, I guess they call it. Doing a handshake or – whatever it is, but Tiffanie gave him a hug instead. He was so happy to see her, he stayed at their house with them last night – and plans on staying there the entire weekend. I giggled this morning when my mom said she didn’t want to start the day late; and asked if I tried to call them yet to see if they’re awake. I informed her if I know my two oldest kids – they stayed up all night watching movies, being goofy together; and playing PS4. Listening to music, whatever. I told her they were NOT going to be awake yet. I also messaged Frankie on Snap chat – and he didn’t even look at it yet. HE LIVES ON SNAP CHAT (LOL) SO I KNOW HE’S STILL SLEEPING.

She was very much surprised and so happy we were there. Here. Let me also tell you how much my son Frankie and I were laughing. Check this out. So – some guy comes up to us and says, “Whose mom?”. I raised my hand and told him I was her mom. He smiled and says, “Nice to meet you. Play along with me”. Tiff went back to work and we sat in the break room after surprising her – until she went on break. This man asking me to play along – confused me. He say, “I just told her she’s fired, so she can leave after her break. When she comes in here, say you just heard she got fired because you guys are here now. Tell her you’re sorry or something – because you guys were here weeks ago”. He laughed and walked away. I sat there like:

I didn’t ask any questions. I knew she wasn’t fired for real, but I didn’t know why he would say that. Was she really getting in trouble because we were there? What did he mean we were just there a few weeks ago????? When he walked away, Emmy (my daughter’s girlfriend) – had her mouth dropped; and looked worried. She says, “Tiff wanted to get out of work early a few weeks ago, so she lied and said you guys were visiting her from Chicago, so she was let go early that day – and now you guys really are here”.

That’s when Frankie and I looked at each other, laughed and joked about Tiffanie putting us in her lies without Permission. We laughed so hard as we both said, “KEVIN HART”. If you’ve never seen the Kevin Hart stand up comedy special where he talks about BEST FRIENDS and putting each other in your lies – it’s hilarious. Let me share it with you because that’s exactly what Frankie and I were talking about when we found out my daughter used us in her lies weeks ago to get out of work early.

My son Frankie says, “What is this? Her B.S. is our B.S.?”. I admit – while I don’t like my son swearing or saying ANY negative (not nice) words – it was pretty funny hearing that my oldest put us in her lies weeks ago; and I was pretty sure the supervisor now knew we weren’t here weeks ago like she told him. That’s what he was talking about when he said he told her she was fired; and for me to play along. He promised me she wasn’t really fired, but he knew she lied a few weeks ago. See! Lies can come back to bite you in the bottom. LMAO! Don’t do it.

I asked her supervisor if she was really fired when she came in the break room on break. He laughed, said No – and told me I was supposed to play along. ๐Ÿ™‚ It all worked out though. She loved the gifts I brought her. I giggled because for the last few days, I’ve been telling her I was going to send her money Saturday (today) – for her birthday, but I knew I’d be here to give it to her in person. Her supervisor did let her leave early yesterday and told us to enjoy our visit. OUR REAL VIST. Ha. That was awesome of him – even after knowing she lied weeks ago. I am so thankful the good Lord allowed this; and let everything go well. She is so happy we’re here; and my two oldest are happy they’re back together – hanging out – even if it’s just for the weekend. They truly missed each other. ๐Ÿ™‚ I laughed even more when I was leaving my oldest daughter’s house last night, and did the “watching you” eye-to eye thing to my son as I left him their for the night. I was like:

And – Frankie did it right back to me and says, “STOP PLAYING. YOU CAN’T WATCH ME FROM THE HOTEL!”. Of course, we both laughed and he was joking – but he knows even if we’re on vacation and he’s with his older sister, he better be on his best behavior!

Today – I’m pretty sure we’re going bowling and out to dinner tonight to celebrate both daughters birthdays. My Tiffie who turns 19 on the 19th; and my youngest – Kailani who turns 11 on the 20th. I will be posting awesome photos from this weekend – in a few days so you won’t want to miss those. ๐Ÿ™‚ They will also be on my Facebook page; and I’ll add just a few to Insta! All of them will be here though. So far – so good. We will be coming back to the hotel and the kids will be going swimming after. I may just grab some pizzas for them tonight; and do a big dinner tomorrow night. We shall see.

The hotel is great so far. I was nervous. Last time we came out here, we stayed at a hotel right on the lake that gave us a beautiful view. This time, we’re staying somewhere else. We’re a little further with a parking lot view… but the pool the breakfast – the beds – the rooms – all very nice.

As said, I will be posting photos here after the weekend is over and we’re back home and settled in. I just wanted to share the big news / announcement – that we surprised my oldest for her birthday this weekend. She is happy. I am happy. The part in the video above where you don’t see her or me – is when I hugged her, told her I loved her and she wouldn’t let me go. ๐Ÿ™‚ Her gifts – I got her a coffee mug because she’s always loved horses like I do – ever since she was a little girl. So, the mug has horses on it and says “Back in the saddle”. I had a custom made shirt done for her with a skull on the front (because she likes those kind of weird things), and the words say, “You can take me out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of me”, #Chicagostyle attitude – on the back. She loved it. I also gave her some money in a card, and a hat that says “STACKS!”. I think she was more excited about the hat than anything. LOL – she screamed, “A NEW SNAPBACK!” when she saw it. And – she’s always working so hard and making those STACKS – so the hat fits her well. I’m very much proud of her. She deserves a great birthday. I hope us being here makes it better.

Her girlfriend messaged me a few days ago asking if I’d be able to come out for Tiff’s birthday because Tiff was really depressed, feels alone and misses family and Chicago. I already knew we’d be out here, but I didn’t tell her girlfriend because when they argue, stuff flies out of their mouths and secrets are released – so I didn’t want my daughter knowing. So, I told her girlfriend days ago that I was sorry but couldn’t. Somehow, I wonder if she already knew. I do have other big mouths in our family. LOL! I won’t say any names. Either way, it’s been nice. So far – !

My little guy keeps saying, “Let’s go home, mom!”. I think this new experience, traveling and being in a hotel room is different for room; and he’s acting out – bad! :/ He keeps saying, “Let’s go home! Let’s go home”. I don’t think he’s old enough to appreciate being AWAY from home. Especially a vacation. He made me laugh though when we went downstairs for breakfast (mainly because my mom was ready to go downstairs and eat at 7 AM and didn’t want to go alone) LOL – so when we got downstairs, the 2-year old stretches his arms out and yells “HHHHHHEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY”, to all these older elderly people eating. A few looked at him and smiled, but many ignored him and kept eating. You’ve got to be bitter, crabby or just that old – if you don’t smile at a 2-year old. Especially my cutie. Ha. So he continued to try to talk to people; and he had a younger woman laughing when he growled at her as she walked by. oy….. lol. He then gravitated towards a group of younger boys a little older than him; and a woman says, “You want to hang out with the boys? You can hang out with the boys!”. Another older couple came down and he says, “Hey friends. I’m here”. He has been kind of cranky and acting crazy since we left home and been here, so it makes me wonder if he’s not comfortable being away from home. New situations. New places. I get it. If we ever decided to move here, it makes me wonder if he’d get used to it, or keep asking to “go home”. I think it’s just the comfort of familiar grounds – and right now – he has no idea what’s going on or where we are. I don’t think he’ll care later when we hit the pool tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright loves, I just wanted to share the news. That was my big announcement. It may not be big to you guys reading – but for me – it was huge. I’m going to hate having to say GOODBYE to my daughter on Monday – and head back to Chicago. Part of me wants to use this time to also find a job here and a place – but part of me knows that’s not possible so soon.

Look for photos this coming week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great 1 loves.

Until next time,